Get to market faster: Digitizing your artwork design, review and approval process

Sponsored by: Esko

Focused on:

  • Packaging Design
  • 3d

Date: 24 October


Time: 4PM CEST/3PM London

How a Brand Manager uses 3D technology to get packaging designs approved faster

You’re just about to launch your new product and you want to get to market as quickly as possible. But no matter how well or early you plan, everything always seems to get delayed when it comes to packaging design and approval. The briefing was clear and everyone agreed on the direction, so where did it all go wrong?

Delays at this stage are often related to the way we design and approve. Packaging is a 3D world but we design packaging flat because that’s how it gets produced. Artwork designers can’t really see what they’re doing and have to create physical mockups just to see what the packaging looks like. And our approvers are simply approving flat PDF files with false colors to show where all the special effects will be. It all results in unmet timelines, poor communication and unrealistic expectations – and nobody’s happy.

3D to the rescue! In this webinar, we’ll walk through a day in the life of a Brand Manager and a packaging designer as they work on the packaging for our new product. We’ll show how 3D tools can help the artwork designer iterate faster through the design phase while also giving our Brand Manager the tools to review, annotate and approve on the virtual package, in 3D.

Research shows that speed-to-market is a critical success factor in any product launch. Join us to learn how you can remove the most common bottlenecks in packaging design and approval, create great packaging that sells while getting to market faster than ever.

Presented by

Susie Stitzel,

Product Manager

Susie Stitzel is Esko’s Product Manager for Design & 3D Solutions. Susie has more than 25 years of experience in the design, prepress, printing, and packaging industries. Her roles have covered a wide spectrum of the industry, including design and prepress management, customer training and support, product management and strategy development.

Susie is completely passionate about packaging - to the point that her family will no longer shop with her. She has assisted universities and schools with their packaging curriculum and enjoys serving on the Advisory Board for the School of Packaging at Michigan State University.

Susie is a frequent speaker at industry events, including the HOW Design and FUSE conferences, the Paperboard Packaging Council, the Brand Protection Conference, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and for the Product Development and Management Association.

Chris Stowe,

Global Brand Solution Manager

Chris has been with Esko for 6 years during this time he has had the opportunity to work directly with brands as a Brand Business Consultant, be part of the product group as the Product Manager for Design Solutions and he currently heads up Brand Solution Management.

Having 25 years’ experience in the packaging and print industry he has a wide range of knowledge and skills, from graphic design, managing colour processes for large Brands to running, optimising large pre-media studios and heading up software engineering teams. Chris has always had a passion for utilising technology, smart solution development and integration to optimise internal and client workflows creatively with great success.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to hit your artwork deadlines using 3D design, review and approval tools
  • Ways to avoid expensive physical packaging mockups
  • How you can send realistic packaging to your digital channels before it is off the press
  • See how 3D packaging tools communicate your designs clearly


  • Head of Packaging
  • Artwork Manager
  • Design Manager
  • CMO
  • Marketing Operations Manager
  • Marketing Brand Manager
  • Creative Studio Manager
  • IT Architect