Enter the Pea World of Emsland Group

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Focused on:

  • Pea
  • Food Applications
  • Pea Ingredients
  • Plant Based Proteins

Date: 7 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

If pea fibre, pea starch, pea protein or pea flour, Emsland Group serves it all

With a wide range of pea ingredients Emsland Group serves innovative solutions for many food applications. In this Webinar Emsland Group shows up the huge advantages of their pea starches (native / modified), pea fibres, pea proteins or pea flours.

In terms of pea starches, which can be used in batters & tempura, snacks, coated products, gums, glass noodles as well as (extruded-) cereals and bars following properties can be achieved:
• High amylose content (± 35%)
• Gelatinization temperature +/- 75 °C
• Relatively low (peak-) viscosity
• High setback due to gelling (> 7% w/w)
• Good film-forming properties

Emsland Group also serves a wide range of clean label pea starches. In coating applications e.g. Empure ® ES 100 is promoted for clean label product which helps to improve heat, process and storage stability. Pea starch also works very well in soft candy application, resulting in a higher gelling property which could provide better chewy texture than for example using corn starch. Pea starch is furthermore one of promising starch to replace mung bean starch, especially because of high amylose content. Besides this, Emsland Group offers high quality dried pea starches. These could be used for applications in instant soups or ready to serve fix meals.

Plant-based proteins play an ever more important role in our daily nutrition. One reason for this is our growing population, which comes with an increased awareness of healthy eating. The most important plant proteins are based on soy and wheat, but in view of the more and more sensitization of the consumers concerning GMO and allergens pea based proteins are becoming a higher importance. Providing solutions for these trends, the Emsland Group offers innovative products in the form of its new pea protein crisps Empro® Tex. Empro® Tex can be used in a wide variety of applications, e.g. breakfast products, bars and snacks. The latest developed and manufactured pea protein isolates of Emsland Group are Empro® E 86 and Empro® E 86 HV. These products are ideal for many food applications.

These days, using plant fibres to enrich baked goods and meat products for the purpose of reformulation and energy reduction is an effective means of producing healthier foods. At the same time, the demand for gluten-free foods continues to rise. Using chicken nuggets - which are popular throughout the world - as an example, these two trends have now been considered in the optimization of shaped meat products. Different fibre types from the Emfibre® product group were added to the meat mass. To coat the nuggets, Embat® LF wet batter was used in combination with the newly developed Embat® EK gluten free, a gluten-free, pea-based style of breading.

See here an overview of the pea advantages:
• Excellent sources of fibre
• Good sources of protein
• Low fat and low sodium
• Good sources of iron
• Excellent sources of folate
• Lentils are good source of potassium
• Low glycemic index/load ingredients
• Gluten free

Presented by

Thomas Pruter,

Head of R&D Innovation Application

Thomas Pruter is a food expert with 25 year experience in food technology, food formulations and food stabilization as team or project leader. At Emsland Group he is the Head of R&D Innovation Application since three years now.

Patrick Geers,

Marketing Manager

With a Degree in Business Administration focusing on Marketing Mr. Patrick Geers is responsible for the whole Marketing activities at Emsland Group for over ten years now.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Innovative product solutions with pea ingredients
  • General market overviews and tailor made opportunities
  • Wide applications with Emsland Group’s pea products


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  • Project Managers
  • CEO’s
  • Food Technologists
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