EU Food Information Regulation (FIR) – Omni-Channel Readiness

Sponsored by: LANSA

Focused on:

  • F I R
  • Food Information Regulation
  • G S 1
  • Omni Channel
  • Eu 1169
  • Gs1

Date: 16 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Capturing, validating and maintaining GS1 and EU 1169 compliant product data for online retailing

The EU Food Information Regulation for Consumers (FIR / FIC) law has been in place for over 6 months. It affects all food manufacturers selling into the EU, regardless of their origin. The industry was given 3 years notice to prepare for compliance with Regulation EU 1169/2011. This regulation covers the provision of product information and how it is presented to a consumer prior to purchase. Such information includes: nutritional values; ingredient origins; allergen declarations; expiry dates; storage instructions; etc. With such a broad range of food and beverage products available, there are hundreds of product attributes that now need to be managed across ALL consumer access points, both in-store, online and on mobile.

Failure to manage and control this product data in accordance with the regulation will cripple your ability to operate a successful omni-channel strategy. What’s more, bad data will impact trading relationships and in the worst case risk a severe consumer backlash. While many believe they are compliant - by simply having updated their product packaging - most have underestimated the proliferation of their product data across all channels. Some organisations may have outsourced their EU1169 problem to a data capture service, however ultimate responsibility for data quality resides with the Brand Owner.

In this webinar, LANSA reveals the full extent of the product data management challenge that food manufacturers face. We will demonstrate how using GS1 standards will help organise and structure your data to become omni-channel compliant and allow you to build stronger relationships with your trading partners. GS1 will present how their standards can be used to enable omni-channel retailing and finally, through the presentation of a case study, attendees will gain valuable insight into the practicalities of managing FIR compliant product data across multiple channels in EU territories.

Sign-up now and seize the opportunity to learn from industry experts with practical experience of implementing standards-based, product information management (PIM) solutions for EU 1169 compliance in an omni-channel environment.

Presented by

Eugene King,

GS1 Standards & GDSN Consultant, LANSA

Eugene King has worked at LANSA for 15 years, consulting on various integration and workflow automation projects for companies adopting standards, meeting regulatory requirements and seeking to improve supply chain efficiency. Eugene is also Product Manager for LANSA’s data quality solutions, and GDSN accredited with GS1 UK, which is a validation of knowledge to provide solutions based upon GS1 standards.

Colin Griffiths,

PIM Consultant, LANSA

Colin is a PIM Consultant for LANSA in Europe, advising global clients in the effective management and exchange of their product information. Colin has more than 12 year’s experience in delivering practical solutions based on GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network standards and best practice and has led engagements in Europe, Asia and South America. Recent engagements have focussed on guiding European food sector suppliers to capture and share EU 1169 compliant item information with their retailers.

David Smith,

Head of Digital, GS1 UK

David leads the GS1 UK digital strategy, which aims to develop services to help its members succeed in a retail environment where physical and digital have converged. Consumers now demand to switch seamlessly between high street, online and mobile shopping – and technology is making this possible. GS1 UK can help its members deliver this service to their customers, by using standards to create continuity and consistency, regardless of the channel the shopper is using.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand what EU 1169 FIR compliance truly means to you, your trading partners and your consumers
  • Discover how using the GS1 system of standards can help you achieve compliance and prepare for omni-channel retailing
  • Learn valuable tips and techniques regarding data quality and deploying PIM solutions to make the journey easier
  • Gain insight into how product data management processes deliver value beyond compliance


  • Head/Director of Packaging
  • Head/Director of Process Management
  • Head/Director of Regulatory Control
  • Head/Director of Quality
  • Head/Director of Compliance
  • Head/Director of Logistics
  • Head/Director Product Development
  • Head/Director of Supply Chain
  • Head/Director of Information Technology
  • Head/Director of Marketing
  • eCommerce Manager