Digitalization In The Food and Beverage Industry - Is It Real?

Sponsored by: OSIsoft

Focused on:

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  • Digital Transformation
  • Data
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Date: 17 January


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Learn why Data is the Key Ingredient for Digital Transformation in the F&B Industry

The first step any company should take to achieve Operational Excellence is to gain control over their manufacturing data in order to make faster, more informed decisions. This webinar will give an overview of why and how F&B companies can become data driven and what it takes to become one of the front runners.

Russell Gregg from The Hershey Company will join Petter to discuss how they are leveraging their data and how digitalization is helping the Hershey company maintain its competitive edge as a market leader and making their Digital transformation journey real. Additional real-world examples will be shared to illustrate how F&B companies are becoming data driven to manage operations across their organizations. This leads to increased productivity, improved OEE, lower energy and material utilization and increased throughput.

Digital Transformation in the Food and Beverage industry is creating opportunities for organisations to innovate more rapidly and drive inefficiency out of their businesses. With more data than ever now available, specialists and subject matter experts with the right tools can gain new insights and understanding.

It has been consistently proven that those organisations that make the best use of their data assets are more competitive and can drive innovation and exploit new opportunities more quickly than their peers. Future success in the marketplace will in many respects be governed by the way companies exploit and manage their data and use it as a corporate resource to reduce risk and support decision making.

Presented by

Russell Gregg,

Business Transformation Manager, Global Supply Chain Solutions, The Hershey Company

Russell Gregg is a Business Transformation Manager who focuses on Digital Manufacturing at Hershey. His focus spans MOM, MES, MII, IIOT and Manufacturing Integration.

Russ has held various roles across Engineering, Process Improvement, Quality, Manufacturing Operations, and Information Systems throughout his thirty-two-year career.

His experience spans across multiple industries and process types at leading companies including Hercules Chemical, Mobil Chemical, Avery Dennison, Applied Extrusion Technologies (Acquired by Taghleef Industries in 2012), and The Hershey Company. In his current position, he is focused on the delivery of real-time manufacturing execution and reporting systems that integrate the companies Industrial Control, Manufacturing Execution, and ERP systems to deliver actionable information.

Petter Moree,

Industry Principal, OSIsoft

Petter joined OSIsoft in October 2015 as the Industry Principal for Life Sciences, Food & Beverages and Specialty Chemicals, ensuring these markets obtain optimal value through their use of the PI System.

Petter is based in southern Sweden and works globally with most of the leading pharmaceutical companies and strategic partners in the OSIsoft partner ecosphere.

Petter has a M.Sc. in technical chemistry with a specialization towards chemometrics and data science. After his M.Sc. from Umea University, Sweden, Petter joined Umetrics in 1999, where he worked for 17 years with customers in various markets for example Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, Automotive, Semicon and chemical and with applications such as PAT, QbD, early fault detection, predictive analytics, MPC and CPV. Petter was Product Manager for Umetrics' portfolio, including SIMCA, SIMCA-online and MODDE, and later became their global sales director.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How world class food manufacturers are using data to achieve operational excellence
  • Best practices using real-time & historical operational data in real-world production & operations
  • Steps to becoming more agile and making data-driven decision within your business
  • Tips for Increasing productivity, improving OEE and lowering energy usage


  • Director Manufacturing
  • Head Quality
  • Head Food Safety
  • Head Supply Chain
  • Head Engineering
  • Head Automation
  • Head Sustainability
  • Head Operational Excellence
  • Head Analytics
  • General Manager
  • Process Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineer