Critical Supply Chain Risk Workshop for Food and Retail

Sponsored by: BSI

Focused on:

  • Food Supply Chain
  • Food Safety
  • Supply Chain Transparency
  • Building Trust
  • Identifying And Reducing Risk

Date: 9 December


Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm ET (New York)

Map your journey to supply chain resilience

The food supply chain is continuously expanding and becoming more complex, leading to increased food safety and fraud risks as well as continuity and social responsibility threats around the world. As the demand for traceability and transparency continue to increase, food sector organizations must understand where their vulnerabilities are to ensure the protection of their customers and creditability of their goods.

As supply chain networks increasingly span continents and become more complex, the ability to quantify and mitigate supply chain risks throughout the procurement, manufacturing, transportation and sales lifecycle is paramount. Proactively monitoring threats to the supply chain equips organizations with the visibility needed to address areas of concern, reduce disruptions, and avoid undesirable press.

Mapping out your supply chain and leveraging specific transparency and traceability related variables will help you to understand where the risks lie and where you need to focus your efforts and budget to mitigate those risks. By utilizing this risk- based methodology you will gain unparalleled visibility to help you build resiliency, and secure your global operations.

Join BSI in this interactive workshop where we will guide you through how to identify critical gaps and create a map of your supply chain allowing you to begin identifying and assessing your internal and external threats. Once risks are identified, Ryan and Neil will show you the best ways to work with suppliers to drive improvement, based on our previous experience working with multinational pharmaceutical companies.

Presented by

Ryan Lynch,

Practice Director, Sustainability

Ryan and his team collaborate with global brands and their suppliers to develop innovative solutions to challenges related to supply chain security, business continuity and human rights due diligence. Ryan’s current areas of focus include migrant labor abuse, root causes of excessive working hours, and the development and delivery of interactive workshops focused on strengthening skills related to critical thinking, problem solving and root cause analysis as a means to improve workplace practices throughout the supply chain.

Neil Coole,

Director, Food and Retail Supply Chain

Neil Coole is a BSI subject matter expert who has more than 22 years of experience working in the standards development, testing, inspection and certification industry, who has presented on the important topic of supply chain resilience at numerous industry events. Since re-joining BSI in June 2018 as Food & Retail Supply Chain Director of the Americas, Neil has been supporting organizations on their journey towards a more resilient supply chain, focusing on the importance of organizational resilience, of which supply chain resilience is a key pillar, along with operational resilience and information resilience.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Current challenges and vulnerabilities facing the food sector
  • Understand key supply chain related threats
  • Map your supply chain to identify critical gaps
  • Identify immediate solutions to support your resilience


  • Director/s of Corporate Security
  • Director/s of Supply Chain Security
  • Director/s of Global Security
  • Director/s of Enterprise Risk
  • Director/s of Product Protection / Brand Protection
  • Director/s of Sustainability/CSR