Automated Modular eFood Solutions – Flexible Fulfilment

Sponsored by: SSI SCHÄFER

Focused on:

  • Efood
  • Automated Good Solutions

Date: 14 April


Time: 3PM London / 4PM CET

How logistics concepts with different levels of automation support the rapidly changing eGrocery requirements

Current market trends such as omnichannel distribution call for shorter order throughput times, shorter delivery cycles, and/or the handling of an ever-increasing variety of items on a wide range of load carriers (or even without any loading aids at all). Those trends are also challenging the intralogistics of the eCom industry. In order to meet the growing demand of the consumers in terms of delivery time and point of delivery, perfectly coordinated processes are essential.

Process optimization using customized automation solutions is increasingly in focus of online retailers. New technologies using ergonomic features promote a more productive workforce. Flexible and high-performance system layouts which combine automated and manual processes are in higher demand than ever before. For example, rigid and fixed transport routes of classic materials handling technology are increasingly being replaced by barrier-free means of transport such as compact automated guided vehicles to fulfil the desire for more flexibility. Ergonomic workstations optimized for productivity allow fast and error-free order picking. Further improvements in resource utilization can be accomplished by using even small automated solutions for non-ergonomic secondary activities, such as loading transport racks. Also, the combination with a powerful, efficient consolidation buffer to decouple the delivery and picking cycles enables the picking algorithms to be optimized as well – this results in higher picking performance.

By using an array of solution modules based on the specific challenges, individual logistics concepts linked with a sensible degree of automation are created for the respective customer. In our seminar, we will focus on these individual solutions and showcase clever and flexible alternatives to highly automated systems. Featured references will support our overall statement saying that sensible automation matters. You will learn about the significant impact that these solutions can have on the daily operation of eCom- and eGrocery retailers.

Presented by

Thomas Kaiser,

Sales Manager Food Retail

Professional career

Previous responsibilities (among others): Client services for Key Account Customers at Deutsche Telekom AG followed by Client Manager at the Business Application Research Center for vendor relations and international sales responsibility in the areas EAS, CRM, BI & Data Management

Since 2017: Sales Manager at SSI Schaefer for the market sector Food Retail to promote the material handling and software solutions of SSI Schaefer to best support the distribution process, specific to each customer worldwide. Always reaching out to preserve, expand, and develop relationships with global customers as well as to promote new business developments within the market segment Food Retail.

Key Learning Objectives

  • You will learn about logistics concepts with different levels of automation to respond perfectly to the rapidly changing eGrocery requirements.
  • We will talk about the significant impact that these concepts and solutions can have on optimizing fulfilment processes and the daily operation of eCom- and eGrocery retailers.
  • You will learn about new technologies such as automated guided vehicles to fulfil the desire for more flexibility, ergonomic workstations for optimized productivity as well as fast and error-free order picking or efficient consolidation buffers to decouple the delivery and picking cycles for a higher picking performance.
  • Featured references support our overall statement and provide practical insights.


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