Sustainable Decommissioning – What, Why, How?

Sponsored by: Lloyd's Register

Focused on:

  • Decommissioning
  • Sustainability

Date: 22 January


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

A path towards a sustainable paradigm

Whether in nuclear, oil & gas or other heavy industries, more and more assets are reaching end of commercial operations. While at the same time, it has become apparent that decommissioning – and managing the resulting wastes – rarely is straight forward. By recognizing that decommissioning is not a traditional, linear process – but rather a complex adaptive system – this conundrum has a clear solution: Approach an asset’s end-of-life as a sustainability problem – not an engineering problem.

By drawing on examples both in nuclear and oil & gas, this webinar will highlight why current practices are unsustainable. An alternative approach will be explored – a holistic approach that is integrated, inclusive and adaptive. The benefits of which include less waste, lower costs, higher public acceptance and reduced risk of long delays or dead ends. Not to mention, the potential for increased safety – both for workers and the public.

Presented by

Kristina Gillin,

Principal Consultant

Kristina Gillin is a generalist in the back-end management of nuclear facilities. Prior to joining LR in 2017, she has worked for more than 17 years in nuclear waste management and decommissioning in both Canada and Sweden – in particular related to design and safety of spent fuel storage and encapsulation facilities, as well as site selection of a geological disposal facility. In addition to her technical expertise, she brings comprehensive experience in both sustainable development and communication of complex issues with the public and other key stakeholders.

Steve Gilbert,

Director of Asset Management and Decommissioning

Steve is Director of Asset Management and Decommissioning at Lloyd’s Register. He is responsible for leading and developing LR’s decommissioning solution offering globally from Late Life asset management to decommissioning planning, execution, monitoring and regulatory compliance. Latterly he led LR’s Oil & Gas Middle East operations, aligning the business in region and creating significant growth opportunity. Steve has over 25 years Oil & Gas experience with major international operators and contractors including more than 10 years in Senior Management positions. He has extensive exposure and knowledge of global projects having managed engineering, operational and commercial teams along with involvement in high-level acquisitions.
From an engineering perspective, Steve has conducted exploration and development work including HPHT, high H2S, multi-lateral, deepwater and subsea operations amongst others and has extensive practical experience and is well acquainted with all types of offshore installations.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Rethink decommissioning from a sustainability perspective
  • Understand how it can benefit decommissioning of any heavy industrial asset


  • Executives / Managers and staff in Nuclear / Oil & Gas and other Heavy Industries working on:
  • Decommissioning Strategy and Planning
  • Preparation for Shutdown
  • Waste Management
  • Site Remediation
  • Cost Estimation
  • Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Regulatory Affairs and Licensing
  • Stakeholder Engagement