Subsea Analyser with Real Time Display & Sampling

Sponsored by: Online Electronics Limited

Focused on:

  • Pipelines
  • Real Time Analysis

Date: 20 July


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Assurance of flow assurance

Pipelines are the arteries of any oil field development. Successful management of gas is critical to many oil field developments. Hence gas lift, gas injection & gas export pipelines are often of far more value than the hydrocarbon they alone transport.

Flow Assurance requirements often dictate that the gas pipelines are dried to a given dew point with dry air or treated chemically, often with near pure mono-ethylene glycol (MEG) pumped through the pipeline. That works... but how do you assure yourself of your assurance.

Historically, theoretical calculations were performed and used to form the basis of the volume of chemical to be pumped through the system. Laterally, post MEG slug sampling has become more commonplace, often utilising a downline to the surface or taking a sample via ROV on a skid which is subsequently recovered to the vessel. This provides the assurance we require, but presently takes time and costs money - and certain methods are impractical in deep water.

This webinar will provide participants with a technical and commercial overview of the MEG ARTS® system and it will demonstrate how reduced vessel time and resultant cost reductions can be achieved. Other major benefits including automated sampling, real time information and conditioning assurance will also be presented. A case study demonstrating how MEG ARTS® provided a major North Sea operator with reassurance that their pipeline met the required state prior to recommissioning will also be discussed.

To gain an understanding of how MEG ARTS® can provide an advantageous and cost effective approach to confirming pipeline conditioning, please register for this webinar.

Presented by

Paul Sergeant,

Senior Design Engineer

Paul is a Chartered Engineer with 23 years of experience in the pipeline industry following 16 years design and development experience in the aerospace industry. Paul joined OEL in July 2012 and was primarily responsible for taking MEG ARTS® from concept to reality, including proven subsea equipment with innovative new design. Previously he had wide responsibilities for support of process & pipeline services operations and commercial departments and for developing new methods and equipment. Among many projects, Paul was involved in pre-commissioning of 6 import and 2 export pipelines of the Ekofisk II redevelopment in the North Sea, the West Natuna Transportation System delivering gas from fields in Indonesian waters into Singapore, the West African Gas Pipeline connecting 4 countries, and the 1,224 km long Nord Stream pipeline. Paul's inspection experience includes pioneering work measuring pipeline movement in geotechnically unstable areas.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Overview of the current method of subsea pipeline drying operations and MEG analysis and the challenges faced
  • Overview of the mechanics of the MEG ARTS® skid
  • Discuss the potential for reduced vessel & ROV time and costs during precommissioning
  • Highlight how MEG ARTS® can lead to quantitive assurance of gas pipeline conditioning


  • Subsea Pipeline Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • Integrity Engineer
  • Project Manager Pipeline Precommissioning
  • Precommissioning Engineer
  • Flow Assurance Engineer