Maximise Your Power Plants For More Efficiency

Sponsored by: TENARIS

Focused on:

  • Steam Oxidation
  • Power Generation Applications

Date: 26 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Your alternative to grade 91 in demanding applications

Competitiveness in the power generation market is nowadays requiring both an increase in plant efficiency and flexibility. Boosting the efficiency of combined cycle plants requires heat recovery steam generators to operate at elevated steam temperatures, while an increased flexibility requires components to be able to withstand and to cope with frequent load changes alongside higher ramp rates (fatigue). This poses new challenges for materials used in construction, which need to be able to maintain stable properties over long periods and under changing conditions.

Tenaris has developed a new CSEF steel for power generation applications, called Thor™ 115, Tenaris High Oxidation Resistance, which combines good steam oxidation resistance with long-term microstructural stability and creep strength, and thus it is suitable for applications up to 650 °C.

Steam oxidation testing, both in laboratory and in field, confirms that this higher Cr material exhibits a very slow oxidation rate compared with 9% Cr counterparts. This, combined with consideration of its mechanical and physical properties, confirms that Thor™ 115 extends the range of use of ferritic steel above 600°C and as well as being a superior replacement for grade 91 in all its typical applications and can also be used in more demanding applications, where a limitation on temperature is enforced by steam oxidation.

Interested to know more about Thorâ„¢ 115? Join us on September 26th! Register yourself at our webinar, we’ll be very pleased to host you and answer your questions.

Presented by

Antonella Ferrara,

Tenaris Power Generation Product Director

After an experience managing the Metallurgical Department of TenarisDalmine mill and worked in the Operations one as Line Manager and Process Technologist, I’m currently responsible for new product developments, technical feasibility and technical sales for Tenaris Power Generation business unit.
I’m working for the implementation and launching of Thorâ„¢ 115 (Tenaris High Oxidation Resistance new ferritic steel), coordinating Tenaris R&D center and facilities to achieve this goal.

Sabin Cristian Ceuca,

Tenaris Power Generation Product Manager

Graduated in Engineering for Energy Systems at the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Romania, I attended a PhD in Power Engineering at the Technische Universität München, Germany.
My professional experience includes computer-aided engineering based analysis of thermal power plants and involvement in product development for the power generation market.

Key Learning Objectives

  • New high steam oxidation resistant CSEF steel
  • Impulses and challenges in the HRSG market


  • R&D managers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Heads of Technical department
  • Material Specialists
  • Thermal design engineers
  • Thermal design managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Business Developers