Jenbacher's J920 FleXtra Gas Engine

Sponsored by: Jenbacher Gas Engines

Focused on:

  • Power Plants
  • Gas Engines
  • Power Generation
  • Clean Energy
  • Turbine Alternatives

Date: 27 November


Time: 2PM London/9AM New York

The future of profitable, flexible CHP generation

Distributed power generation plays a vital role in providing reliable and long-term power solutions. For instance, developed regions have a growing need for decentralized power to stabilize the grid. As the number of renewable installations continues to rise, the need for flexible power generation grows. At the other end of the spectrum, remote communities and facilities can receive distributed power without having to wait for transmission and distribution networks to be established. Gas engines such as the J920 FleXtra provide a proven, efficient and usually faster alternative to turbines.

In this webinar, Jenbacher experts will outline examples of maximizing efficiency and flexibility with gas engines for municipalities, EPCs and big power companies, while at the same time illustrating how customers are creating profit doing so.

Thanks to 2-stage turbocharging the J920 FleXtra is a very good solution for combined heat and power applications. It provides about a 4% point higher technical efficiency because about 800 kW of additional heat can be utilized from the GenSet compared to an equivalent single stage turbocharging engine. Over the course of the of 15 years, for example, a facility could realize additional revenues from winter heat sales of more than $14 million from a 100 MW CHP power plant.

The free webinar is a unique chance for individuals and companies looking to harness one of the most efficient, clean and flexible sources of electrical power available in the marketplace today. All professionals interested in the newest fuel saving fast start technology to firm grids, increase uptime and reduce emissions are encouraged to attend.


Presented by

Brian Moloney,

Senior Product Manager, Jenbacher Gas Engines

Brian Moloney is currently the J920 Product Manager in the Distributed Power business. He is responsible for interfacing with sales and customers to determine the J920 product strategy in order to bring more value to customers.

Brian holds a degree in Mechatronic Engineering from Dublin City University. His career has been progressing through several roles both within and outside of his current employer.
Previous roles include 7.5 years of project management in Germany & Japan. In Japan, he spent 3.5 years integrating a newly acquired company for GKN into the GKN processes and procedures along with managing several projects with OEM’s such as Nissan and Ssangyong. During this time he worked extensively in Japan, China and South Korea. He started working for GE Oil & Gas in Ireland for 4 years and was the J920 Program manager and subsequently product manager since 2014.

Stephan Mey,

Executive Product Line Manager, Jenbacher Gas Engines

Stephan provides strategic direction and cross-functional leadership for Distributed Power´s 10MW reciprocating engine product line. He works closely with the Sales, Marketing, Services and Engineering teams to drive the product portfolio to meet the demands of the market. Stephan ensures customer focus by communicating and building rapport with customers and ensuring the “voice of the customer” is heard.

Stephan has a broad background in the energy sector including positions of CEO, business area manager and director of global businesses. Stephan joined Distributed Power from Kopf SynGas GmbH & Co., where he served as CEO since 2013. He was responsible for restructuring the company from R&D to commercial operation and lead the sales, engineering and construction of the first four commercial plants. Prior to joining Kopf SynGas GmbH & Co., he held leadership roles with Agnion Technologies GmbH, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Norgren Europe, and ABB.

Stephan holds a PhD from the Institute Technical Thermodynamics, University Karlsruhe, in addition to a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University Karlsruhe.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Share the Jenbacher J920 FleXtra 10 MW gas engine technology story
  • Money saving and emissions reduction for power generation in the 10 MW space
  • Illustrate why major IPPs and Municipalities are turning from turbines to gas engine technology


  • Power Plant Managers
  • Independent Power Producer Owners