Iran's Revival at Risk: Political Wrangling Leaves Long Term Future in Doubt

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Focused on:

  • Iran
  • Upstream
  • Oil
  • Natural Gas

Date: 19 September


Time: 2PM London/9AM New York

The re-opening of Iran's upstream sector presents the international market potentially lucrative opportunities, however, serious risks remain

Since the implementation day of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action there has been potential for the opening of Iran’s upstream sector to foreign investment, but internal power struggles and a lack of clarity on residual sanctions have hampered progress. Furthermore, in the absence of the finalized terms of the Iran Petroleum Contract, IOC activity has been limited to non-legally binding agreements such as memoranda of understanding, leaving the upstream sector at a standstill.

Analysis conducted on the fields reported to be on offer to investors indicates they have significant potential, but this can only be realized if contract terms are investor-friendly. The likelihood of this scenario appears to be fading, with reports from companies operating in Iran describing the highly anticipated contracts transition into an ‘Advanced Buyback Contract’, under which many terms would be reminiscent of the older unattractive model.

Presented by

Ali Al-Killidar,

Lead Upstream Analyst - Middle East

Ali Al-Killidar has extensive experience analyzing the Middle East upstream industry, conducting project modelling and market analysis. His recent work includes the assessment of the impact of the lack of water supply to Iraq’s Southern mega-giant oil fields and in-depth analysis of hydrocarbon developments in the Eastern Mediterranean. Ali has received a Master of Science and Bachelor of Engineering degree in petroleum engineering from London South Bank University.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What challenges has the National Iranian Oil Company faced as a result of the sanctions and embargo?
  • How will Iranian oil and gas production evolve over the medium term?
  • What is the current IPC licensing process and current foreign company’s activity?
  • What oil and gas fields are expected to be offered under the IPC framework, and what are the challenges or potential benefits of investing in Iran’s upstream sector?


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  • Heads of Fiscal Analysis
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  • Marketing and Strategy