International Power Summit: Celebrating 15 years in the power industry

Sponsored by: Compelo

Focused on:

    Date: 11 December


    Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

    Global power trends and the transformation of the utility landscape. The role of renewables in the future energy mix.

    15th annual International Power Summit will take place in Budapest on the 22-23 February, 2018. This must attend event brings together senior engineers and plant operators concerned with power generation from across Europe and the EMEA region. Once again, IPS will deliver cutting-edge presentations on imminent regulation, key challenges as well as future opportunities for the industry. We will be welcoming top-calibre speakers to our stage to share their success stories.

    Today the most promising area in the world is “green energy”, i.e. technologies for obtaining energy from renewable sources (RES). Their development and improvement are based on the need to replenish energy shortage, to resolve environmental issues and to launch a new phase of technological development of the world economy.

    Given the growth of the renewables market, our 2018 programme will pioneer a renewable energy stream, to provide attendees with insight and knowledge of the opportunities in this burgeoning market.

    With the support of our advisory board we developed a webinar to give you a taster of the forum. From the future power mix and current challenges that modern utilities face to the cost of renewables and energy storage development - this 1 hour panel discussion broadcasted live will aim to cover the most pressing issues facing the market.

    Some of the questions we will discuss include:

    • Analysing the economics of renewables versus conventional power
    • What is the role of power plants in the future energy mix?
    • Future challenges for power generators
    • Different degrees of penetration of renewables in different markets - EMEA
    • How technologies are changing to meet the new market challenges?
    • What is the cost of renewables?
    • Review of storage development

    Join us to get up-to-speed with the current affairs, meet our expert panel speakers and pose your questions during the broadcast.

    Presented by

    Paul James,

    Development Director, Energy – Power, Ramboll

    Paul is the Development Director, Energy at Ramboll. He has spent 25 years working in the energy and environment fields in both the public and private sectors. He is most widely known internationally for his work with the European Commission as the project leader and author of the EU BAT Reference document on thermal waste treatments. In recent years Paul has been responsible for business and project development in the power and biomass sectors for Ramboll.

    Patrick Clerens,

    Secretary General, European Power Plant Suppliers Association (EPPSA)

    Patrick has over 15 years of experience in EU Public Affairs in the fields of Energy and Environment. He has been Secretary General of EPPSA since January 2005, the date when EPPSA moved to Brussels, building upon his prior position as EPPSA’s Representative since 2003. In his role, he is responsible to represent the common interests of EPPSA members towards the EU institutions on topics related to thermal power generation.

    He was active in securing EPPSA’s participation in major initiatives in the Brussels energy world, namely the European Technology Platform on Zero Emission (ETP-ZEP), the new European Technology and Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) and in supporting the Commission as Evaluator for European Projects. Additionally, EPPSA is also known for its participation in important European energy events and the creation and growth of EPPSA’s Annual Technology Evening.

    Ralf Wezel,

    Secretary General, EUTurbines - the European Association of Gas and Steam Turbine Manufacturers

    Ralf Wezel is the Secretary General of EUTurbines, the European Association of Gas and Steam Turbine Manufacturers. At the same he acts as Secretary General of EUGINE, the European association representing the engine power plants manufacturers.

    Prior to taking over these tasks in 2014 Ralf Wezel has been managing director of a number of other European industry associations including the European construction equipment industry association CECE, the European agricultural machinery industry association CEMA and EUnited Municipal Equipment, the European association of manufacturers of vehicles for municipal purposes.

    Before 2002 Ralf Wezel worked for the German engineering association VDMA in Frankfurt and Brussels. He graduated as an economist at the University of Saarbrucken in Germany.

    Key Learning Objectives

    • Meet our advisory board speakers and learn about the International Power Summit
    • Hear the experts discussing the future landscape of the energy market
    • Learn about what developments are required to deal with modern power mix
    • Get the latest updates on the status of recent storage developments


    • CEO/COO
    • Chief Engineers
    • Technical Heads of Energy Markets
    • Heads of Analysis Head of Renewables
    • Heads of Storage
    • Heads of Technical Department
    • Maintenance Directors/Managers
    • Project Directors
    • Business Development Directors
    • Turbines Specialists/Valve Services
    • Heads of Thermo & Hydro Operations
    • Trade Managers
    • Heads of Strategy
    • Global Product Managers Heads of R&D
    • Technology Directors
    • Chief Portfolio Managers
    • Sales Directors Power Generation
    • Heads of Strategy
    • Planning Division
    • Heads of Power Plants' Project
    • Heads of Operations
    • Heads of Energy Regulation