Innovative Applications for Plating in Grooves

Sponsored by: SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts

Focused on:

  • Selective Plating

Date: 7 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Understanding Applications and Challenges for Selective Plating in Grooves

The oil and gas market is making a strong comeback after the downturn starting in 2014. Now with the expansion of the the output-cut deal between OPEC and other major producers extended until the end of 2018, the US oil benchmark has risen significantly.

With a positive outlook for the oil and gas market comes investment in new capital equipment, as well as refurbishment of old equipment to ensure the maximum lifetime value. With rigs operating sometimes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in harsh environments, the constant wear and tear on the equipment results in corrosion, galling, failed seals, and worse. One component that experiences such wear is the hydraulic cylinder of a blow out preventer. The o-ring grooves on the hydraulic cylinder are subject to corrosion which can lead to leakage and damage to the cylinder.

But what do you do when your o-ring groove is out of dimension or damaged? Can the component be repaired in-situ? Repair of any kind of groove is difficult. In order to remain competitve, one must look for innovative ways to repair components and reduce costs while simultaneously reducing downtime and keep their equipment running longer.

This presentation will help you:

• Learn about your options for using selective plating on o-ring grooves, recesses, keyways, threads, and other complex shapes."

• How to apply deposits for corrosion protection, anti-galling, amongst other challenges.

Register today for this unique opportunity to learn about your options for a custom plating operation designed to solve your o-ring groove problems.

Presented by

Derek Vanek,

Technical Manager, SIFCO ASC

Derek Vanek is the Technical Manager at SIFCO ASC and the author of various published technical articles. During his 30 years at SIFCO ASC, he has worked in sales, training, project management, and marketing. Derek received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Old Dominion University, after serving 5 years in the Navy.

Derek Kilgore,

Mechanical Design & Project Engineer, SIFCO ASC

Derek Kilgore is the Mechanical Design and Project Engineer for SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts in Independence, OH. He is a graduate of the University of Akron, in Akron, Ohio with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and has 10 years of experience in the field. Derek has worked on projects in the surface finishing, food packaging and automotive industries such as: automated selective plating systems, metal stamping, blow molding, injection molding, thermoforming, rubber manufacturing, and more.

Danijela Milosevic-Popovich,

Research & Development Manager, SIFCO ASC

Danijela Milosevic-Popovich is the Research & Development Manager at SIFCO ASC. Danijela graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in chemical engineering. She then continued to earn her Master of Engineering Management from Ohio University. Prior to joining SIFCO ASC in 2005, she worked in the semiconductor and rubber industries.

Company Profile:

SIFCO Applied Surface Concepts is the global leader in the selective plating industry. Servicing the oil and gas industry for over 20 years, more MRO and OEM facilities depend on SIFCO ASC than any other plating specialist for job shop and on-site plating services. When timing is critical and you want it done right the first time, you contact SIFCO ASC. Register today for this unique opportunity to learn about your options for a custom plating operation designed to solve your o-ring groove problems.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discuss groove configurations, typical damage, and common repair methods
  • Understand the selective plating process
  • Discover the application specific deposits and challenges of selective plating in grooves
  • Hear real world examples demonstrate time and cost savings associated with the selective plating process


  • Maintenance Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Corrosion Engineer
  • Machine Shop Manager