Improving Operational Efficiency of Stationary Power Engines - 9AM London

Sponsored by: Shell

Focused on:

  • Gas Engines
  • Lubricants
  • Efficiency
  • Power Generation
  • Natural Gas

Date: 13 October


Time: 9AM London/10AM Berlin

How the right engine oil and services can optimize the performance of your natural gas engines

Gas engines are becoming ever more powerful and complex. Increased combustion chamber temperatures and pressures place tremendous stress on the lubricant. As emissions limits tighten and lube oil consumption decreases, gas engine operators continue to struggle with increased operational and maintenance costs. To illustrate the point, in 2014, Shell asked operators "What issue are you most concerned with in your engines?" Almost 50% of respondents replied "improving oil drain". So what can be done to manage oil life and improve the efficiency of stationary gas engines?

Register for this Shell Lubricants webinar to understand current trends in stationary gas engines used for power generation, recap on common lubrication challenges and learn how the right natural gas engine oil can help improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs. Discover how having a comprehensive oil condition monitoring programme can deliver value and peace of mind to you and your business.

Real life case studies will be used to illustrate the benefits of using the right natural gas engine oil and the advantages of regular oil condition monitoring. For example, we will consider how a leading engineering and construction company in Indonesia recently achieved an 80% increase in oil drain interval as a result of switching lubricant and using Shell LubeAnalyst.

Join us on 13 October when we look forward to responding to your questions and sharing our insight to benefit you and your gas engines.

Presented by

Praveen Nagpal,

Global Product Application Specialist, Power Engines

Praveen has 20 years experience working with power engines. After 12 years with an engine OEM in field service, operation and maintenance and power engine technical services, Praveen diversified into the lubricant sector in 2007 and joined Shell in 2008.

In 2012, Praveen became Global Product Application Specialist for stationary power engines and is responsible for managing relationships with key OEMs globally. Beyond that, Praveen works closely with sales & technical service teams and engine operators providing guidance to identify, anticipate and resolve application problems concerning engine oils, and help optimise their operations.

Richard Holdsworth,

Global Brand Manager, Power & Marine Lubricants

Richard Holdsworth holds a Masters Degree in Engineering from Manchester University in the UK. During his career Richard has worked in various global technical and commercial roles in different industries such as automotive, electronics, petrochemical and power. Since joining Shell in 2008 Richard has been the Global Brand and Product Marketing manager for Shell Lubricants' portfolio of power and marine products used in stationary engines and other applications. Richard is responsible for the development and delivery of product strategy. This involves assessing long term trends, working closely with Shell Technology teams and designing innovative solutions for customers in partnership with key industry players.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain insights into the trends for stationary power engines
  • Explore the challenges facing stationary gas engine operators
  • Understand how the right gas engine oil can help improve reliability and reduce maintenance costs
  • Discover the benefits of regular oil condition monitoring through real life examples


  • Technical Service Directors/Managers/Engineers
  • Operation & Maintenance Directors/Managers/Engineers
  • Project Managers/Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Fuel Technology Managers