How to Increase Profitability by Using Engine and Industrial Waste Heat

Sponsored by: EXERGY SPA

Focused on:

  • Waste Heat
  • Efficiency
  • Organic Rankine Cycle

Date: 24 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Producing power from exhaust heat more efficiently with innovative Organic Rankine Cycle solutions

The demand for waste heat recovery is continuously growing under the rising commitment to reduce energy consumption, operational costs and carbon emissions. From around 20-50% of energy usage from industrial processes eventually become exhaust waste heat that could usefully been reused for "clean" power generation. Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) is a technology ideally suited to produce electricity from waste heat, giving better efficiency for lower temperature applications as well as more flexibility and competitive capital costs. Recent efforts in ORC waste heat recovery technology has given a major opportunity to minimize economic costs for companies while increasing efficiency and profitability.

In this webinar you will learn elementary principles of the ORC technology, the advantages of ORC compared to steam heat recovery systems and gain insights in the latest R&D improvements brought to ORC through the introduction of the pioneering and patented Radial Outflow Turbine (ROT) technology. You will have the opportunity to discover a number of advantages over existing technologies that lead to better efficiency and lower operation and maintenance costs.

We will then focus on specific solutions for waste heat recovery in the heavy metal production, cement, glass and oil & gas industries as well as heat recovery in engines and small gas turbines. Technical details and case studies will outline the major technical and operational advantages offered and how these could provide immediate cost savings and environmental benefits.

Join this webinar to be updated on the latest ORC technology development and learn how to efficiently harness all your untapped waste heat, leading to increased profitability and reduced carbon emissions.

Presented by

Anthony Hinde,

Sales and Marketing Director

Anthony Hinde graduated from Nottingham University in the UK with a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering. Most recently he obtained his MBA from Purdue University in the US and Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

Anthony has worked in the power industry for over 12 years, specialising in both heat recovery and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). He has spoken at a number of the leading industry forums, and is a Chartered Engineer.

As International Marketing and Sales Director for EXERGY, Anthony services clients across the globe, with in-depth specialist knowledge.

Luca Xodo,

Head of Business Development and Domestic Sales

Luca Xodo received his masters degree in Energy Production and Conversion Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. He graduated with a thesis on innovative supercritical Organic Rankine Cycles, and as a result was awarded the GDF Suez prize by Cofely Services. He went on to complete a Master's in Energy and Environment Economics (MEDEA) at Scuola Mattei - Eni Corporate University, Business Administration in Energy Industry course.

In EXERGY Luca holds the position of Head of Business Development and Domestic Sales dealing with new market opportunities both within Italy and abroad.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Basics of ORC technology and latest development
  • Advantages of ORC compared to other technologies
  • ORC's application for waste heat recovery from industrial process and power stations with focus on advantages of EXERGY's innovative solution over other existing technologies
  • Economics and profitability of heat recovery solutions


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