Global Mining Developments

Sponsored by: GlobalData Mining

Focused on:

  • Mining
  • Digitalization
  • Renewable Expansion

Date: 30 January


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Emerging mining regional trends

This session will be covering these key areas;

• What Is The Global Outlook Of The Mining Industry
• What Are The Major Developments Happening Within The Industry – Where, How and Why
• How Can Companies Screening For Opportunities, Size Their Markets, Identifying Market Participants And Build Strong Relationships With Stakeholders And Clients
• Can Digitization In The Mining Industry Enhance Performance And Efficiency?
• Can Renewable Expansion In China Eventually Reduce The Global Dependency On Coal And Coal Mining?
• Could China’s Steel Industry Reforms Enhance Seaborne Iron Ore Trade?
• What Does The Future Of The US Coal Industry Look Like?
• A Closer Look At The Current Electric Vehicles Trend And Its Impact On Global Copper Demand

Please register and listen to GlobalData’s insight into latest emerging trends in the mining sector.

Presented by

David Njoku,

Director of Business Development - Mining

David has worked with some of the leading mining companies in the world. Helping OEM’s, Financial Institutions and Service Providers to identify, evaluate, secure and manage projects and investments.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Global Outlook Of The Mining Industry
  • How Are Companies Screening For Opportunities, Identifying Market Participants
  • A Closer Look At The Current Electric Vehicles Trend And Its Impact On Global Copper Demand


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