GlobalData Oil and Gas – Tools and Tips for Competitor Intelligence

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Covid 19
  • Competitor Intelligence

Date: 10 August


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

A walkthrough of new features allowing users the understand GD’s ability to conduct high level company analysis with just a few clicks…

GlobalData has been at the forefront of the COVID pandemic, keeping our clients informed with a 360 degree data cycle. However, as the dust begins to settle GlobalData are finessing their solution yet again to offer their clients the opportunity to conduct relevant analysis to ensure they continue to succeed and maintain their competitive edge.

This webinar walks through some of these tools, offering real life use cases and detailed insight into practical application.

What question can I expect answered:

• What is this tool?
• Why is it important to me?
• How can I use this?
• How are others using this?

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Presented by

Katherine Cudmore,

Account Executive – Strategic Accounts

Katherine works closely with the industry leaders in Mining, Power, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy on a global scale, ensuring they receive the highest quality of service and achieve efficiency and success in their respective field.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the new features on the platform
  • Understand how feature will assist in strategy and new opportunities
  • How to maintain market position and understand new competitive landscape
  • Strategize, grow and succeed