GlobalData Oil and Gas – Strategic Planning and Building Business Development

Sponsored by: Global Data

Focused on:

  • Oil And Gas
  • Business Development

Date: 2 October


Time: 3PM London

How to use data to enhance strategy and enable business development

In an age of constantly evolving energy markets and volatile commodity prices, it is becoming increasingly essential for businesses to develop and implement strategies in line with market trends and changes.

This webinar will help participants utilise the key strategic tools available on the GlobalData Oil and Gas analytics platform.

• Identify key growth and emerging markets
• Assess capital investments and increase ROI
• Track competitor and client activity
• Lower the risk of investment

Register here for the GlobalData Oil and Gas webinar and understand how you can use our information to help you enhance your strategic planning and business development.

Presented by

Nick Lewis,

Head of Client Services – Natural Resources

Nick has worked with some of the leading energy companies in the world. Helping large integrated oil and gas companies, OEM’s, Financial Institutions and Service Providers to identify, evaluate, secure and manage projects and investments.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate new and existing opportunities
  • Build your strategic business objectives
  • Identify future bid rounds and activity
  • Proactively formulate business development plan of attack


  • CXO
  • BDD
  • SD
  • Head of Energy
  • Strategy Director
  • Market Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Market Intelligence Manager
  • Data Manager
  • Business Development Manager