GlobalData Mining and Construction COVID-19 – Innovation, Influencers and Insights

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Covid 19

Date: 26 March


Time: 3PM London/11AM New York

A discussion on the effects of COVID-19 within the Power and Oil and Gas Industries

GlobalData is at the forefront of business intelligence. In the wake of COVID-19 many of us are left wondering how the pandemic will affect the Mining and Construction industry. The webinar will be broken into two parts to tackle these two areas, starting with Mining projects and moving into generalised Construction.

Throughout this webinar we will discuss what GlobalData has added on to the platform to help our clients stay on top during this difficult and ever changing time. We will also explore how we can use the existing features to maintain and succeed in 2020.

What can I expect:

• Looking into what the world’s leading coronavirus influencers are saying and why

• Expert insights into the virus

• Industry insights

• New emerging technology

• Coronavirus Playbooks

Presented by

Katherine Cudmore,

Account Executive – Strategic Accounts

Katherine works closely with the industry leaders in Mining, Power, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy on a global scale, ensuring they receive the highest quality of service and achieve efficiency and success in their respective field.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the new features on the platform
  • Understand the effects of COVID-19 in the industry
  • How to maintain market position
  • Strategize, grow and succeed