GlobalData Mining Intelligence Centre - 2020 New Look & New Features

Sponsored by: GlobalData

Focused on:

  • Mining Intelligence Centre
  • Mining Industry

Date: 17 March


Time: 2PM London/10AM New York

A guided tour through the biggest GlobalData update ever to be launched

Our GlobalData Mining Intelligence Centre is an interactive subscription platform that provides unparalleled and continuously updated mine and project, commodity, customer and competitor intelligence for the global mining industry.

Our unique data, expert analysis and innovative tools have just had a 2020 makeover with multiple new features to enhance and assist you in achieving your own 2020 goals.

Our new features offer the ability to:

• Identify attractive markets and future growth potential

• Win new customers

• Maintain or gain competitive advantage using unique positions

• Improve customer targeting and enhance their proposition

Presented by

Katherine Cudmore,

Account Executive – Strategic Accounts

Katherine works closely with the industry leaders in Mining, Power, Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy on a global scale, ensuring they receive the highest quality of service and achieve efficiency and success in their respective field.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the new features on the platform
  • Unearth exciting new opportunities
  • Get a comprehensive, unique perspective of the market
  • Strategize, grow and succeed