Fitness for Service: Long-term Operation of your Assets

Sponsored by: AREVA GmbH

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Date: 12 November


Time: 11AM Berlin/10AM London

Possibilities of material technology and testing – current status and forecast

Reliability of assets – such as production facilities, plants or vehicles - is vital for economic operation in various business fields where also safety is of highest priority. Operators, manufacturers and service entities take great efforts to maintain their assets on a top level. Equipment and machinery is subject to operational conditions (like cyclic loading, motion, pressure, temperature) and despite regularly performed maintenance, there is still a remaining uncertainty whether the inspection positions were selected appropriately and the right type of aging mechanism was considered. With increasing lifetime of an asset various maintenance requirements change and therefore, a reliable assessment of the current status is essential in order to define and implement appropriate actions. E.g. root causes for damages can be analyzed and countermeasures taken.

AREVA is a key player in the nuclear and renewable energy industry sector with a strong focus on safety, reliability and maintenance. Based on our long track record in supporting outages and trouble-shooting in nuclear power plants, we are familiar with complex maintenance and repair challenges to be solved under extreme time schedule constraints and conditions. Over the past decades - amongst others - AREVA sustainably developed competencies and experience in material technology being a vital contributor for maintenance strategies and investment decisions.

The webinar will highlight and illustrate by examples the possibilities of stationary and on-site material assessment as well as the performance of Root-Cause-Analyses (RCA) also to identify early warnings avoiding unexpected and costly surprises.

Learn how material technology and testing can contribute to a long-term reliable and economic operation of assets.

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Manager for Materials and Welding Consulting, Aging Management

Marcus Winter joined AREVA in 2003 and currently is the manager for materials and welding consulting as well as plant life and aging management in AREVA’s Technical Center which is an service provider for products and technologies. He is responsible for all materials and welding related tasks during the product life cycle in both nuclear and industrial applications.

Before joining AREVA's Technical Center, he worked for ACUREN Inc. in Western Canada servicing the local industry - mainly pulp and paper - with failure analysis, on-site metallography, welding and material consulting as well as service support during product development.

In 1998, he gained a mechanical engineering degree from Georg-Simon-Ohm Technical University Nuremberg where he graduated in the fields of materials technology and product development. He is an IIW licenced international welding engineer and in addition to the nuclear field he gained experience in various industrial sectors.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Hear about the methods of a leading player in an industry where safety and reliability comes first
  • Learn about what laboratory and on-site support material technology and testing can provide
  • Get acquainted to life-time predictions and maintenance optimization
  • Learn from our experience supporting operators in various industries


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