FLNG Challenges Bleak Gas Outlook in Africa

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Focused on:

  • Africa
  • Natural
  • Gas
  • Exploration
  • Production

Date: 16 November


Time: 2PM London/9AM New York

New Development Concept May Overcome Poor Economics and Surface Challenges to Access Large Reserves

Sub-Saharan gas resources have long had a difficult route to commercialization though recent exploration successes have highlighted the prevalence of significant gas deposits which support investment in large scale export facilities. Most of the gas in the region, both discovered and associated is not currently commercialized and new projects aim to monetize natural gas reserves, overcoming the challenges, risks, and competitive gas market. Large scale engineering mega projects have been the favored route to commercialization, but floating LNG plants propose a lower cost alternative. However, operators must navigate multiple challenges including the lack of a transparent business and regulatory environment, dependable fiscal framework, lack of infrastructure, and controlled security situation.

Presented by

Young Okunna,

Upstream Analyst - Africa

Young Okunna performs economic valuations and analysis of upstream oil and gas assets in Sub-Saharan Africa. Young previously worked for Mobil Producing Nigeria, an upstream subsidiary of ExxonMobil and has been a field engineer for various companies. Young holds a Master’s degree in Petroleum Technology from Teesside University, UK and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical/Production Engineering from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What challenges face gas commercialisation in the region?
  • How will LNG production evolve over the medium term?
  • What new and innovative technologies are setting the groundwork for a new dynamic?
  • What are the common strategies used to commercial gas and what do those project economics look like currently?


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