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Date: 6 November


Time: 10AM Seattle / 1PM New York / 6PM London

A reliable, greener solution that helps monetize your assets

Data center energy usage has increased dramatically, and so has the push for renewable generation. Fast-start resources are needed to balance and accommodate the instability and intermittency of the electric grid that comes with this increased use of renewables.

Designed for data centers, the 3 MW J620 generator meets your requirements for fast start to full load (it can achieve full load in less than 45 seconds!), fast transience response, and reliability. And, because emissions are significantly lower than diesel-fuelled options, you’ll get the flexibility of longer run times, too.

And there’s more. In this free webinar, INNIO´s experts will show you how fast-start natural gas generators also give you the opportunity to monetize stranded assets. As you’ll see, it’s little wonder that natural gas generators are gaining traction with data center and grid operators.

Reliability – Natural gas generation provides data centers with cutting edge performance. In under 45 seconds, the J620 fast-start natural gas generator can provide 3 MWs of electric load, with fast transient response. Built-in storage from the highly reliable natural gas grid avoids the risks of limited run times and generator refuelling.

With most of the infrastructure below ground, the natural gas grid is inherently more reliable than the electric grid. Correlated failure between the natural gas grid and the electric grid has an estimated likelihood of just 1.5% for outages over 36 hours. In comparison, diesel resupply failure is 14% at 36 hours, increasing to 28% at 72 hours. For critical reliability, natural gas generators are less likely than diesel generators to fail during a power outage.

Emissions – Reductions of 80% to 90% for NOx, 25% for carbon (CO2), and negligible sulphur dioxide (SO2) and particulates when compared to stand-by diesel-fuelled generators mean natural gas generation is better for the environment. If selective catalytic reduction (SCR) emissions technologies are added, NOx-frequently the limiting factor for permitting at large-scale data centers-can be reduced even more. As net global growth in data center electricity continues, the significant emissions reductions provided by natural gas generation will have increasing value for data center operators.

Monetization – As the electric grid de-carbonizes with the increasing use of renewables, the need will continue to grow for fast-start resources that provide balancing and ancillary service solutions. Coinciding with an increase in wind and solar generation in the USA in recent years, the amount and size of natural gas generation also has increased.

Lower emissions can provide greater run times, so natural gas generators can become an asset, providing options within the energy marketplace. For instance, natural gas generation can include demand response, curtailable tariffs and/or emergency stand-by participation-all while avoiding coincident peak charges. Add in lower, stable natural gas fuel costs, and it is easy to see how money can be made by data center operators working in collaboration with energy providers.

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Presented by

David Mitcheltree, Ph.D.,

Global Data Center Natural Gas Generation

David Mitcheltree brings more than 15 years of data center and industrial energy experience with companies such as Microsoft, Cummins, Apple and various utilities to his current role with INNIO Jenbacher (formerly GE’s Distributed Power business). In his global data center role, he helps companies optimize energy supply and infrastructure on a least-cost, reliability, efficiency and innovative basis. David is based in Seattle, Washington, USA.
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Key Learning Objectives

  • Data Center professionals learn how fast start, 3MW natural gas generators provide reliability and reduced emissions to data centers…and can be monetized.
  • Discover how reliable, fast start, cleaner natural gas-fired gas engines can help reduce costs.
  • Learn about alternatives to diesel power for cleaner, more reliable data centers.


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