Electro-Hydrostatic Actuation

Sponsored by: Moog

Focused on:

  • Electro Hydrostatic Actuators

Date: 20 October


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

The use of hydraulic actuation systems has been challenged in recent times by a strong demand for a reduction of energy consumption in combination with the well-known advantages of hydraulic systems.

Electro Hydrostatic Actuators (EHA) are emerging as a viable option for industrial machine builders as the design combines the best of both electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic technologies. The EHA is a highly integrated, compact alternative to traditional hydraulic solutions. Automotion engineers moving toward electro-mechanical actuation in pursuit of energy efficiency and environmental cleanliness, will find an EHA an attractive option for high force density actuators.

This webinar will address the factors to consider when assessing an industrial machine’s application suitability for this latest innovation in actuation. It describes principal base circuits, a concept for EHA building blocks and a realized pilot application as well as challenges on actuator and components level.

Presented by

Dr. Achim Helbig,

Innovation Manager

Achim Helbig has been working with Moog since 2004 as a Senior Application Engineer, Team Manager Hydraulic Systems and Innovation Projects Manager. Prior to joining Moog he worked at Dresden University, where he obtained his PhD.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Electro hydrostatic actuators define an alternative solution to classical electro hydraulic and electro mechanical actuation systems.
  • This new concept combines the advantages of both technologies and avoids in parallel their disadvantages
  • Hydraulic actuators with power by wire and low energy consumption, robust actuator design
  • Autonomous systems (without supply pump) – power by wire


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