Distributed Power: A Community Story

Sponsored by: OMNETRIC Group

Focused on:

  • Power
  • Community Energy
  • Business Models
  • Technology Solutions

Date: 13 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Opportunities and threats facing the global energy ecosystem

We all largely understand that the future of energy generation and distribution will be decentralized and distributed. Moreover, that in order to meet rising energy needs, the processes and technologies underpinning such a system will need to be digital. What is less understood is how far the resulting business models will be disruptive.

During this webcast, the panel will share thinking about a fourth D, which is potentially highly disruptive and where energy generation and distribution is “Democratic”. Highlighting the trend of Community Energy, as observed in Western Europe and North America, they will share why the community model is taking root, where the smart city phenomena stalled just ten years ago.

Communities are becoming energy-savvy, but they are not experts. What are their needs? Collaborative partner, service provider, platform provider - what are the business model opportunities for utilities?

Distributed energy resource management, affordable microgrids, real-time energy consumption monitoring on the grid - what are the technology solutions available to make this a safe and valuable business?

Presented by

Scott Kessler,

Director, Business Development

Scott Kessler is the Director of Business Development at LO3 Energy where his role includes managing partnerships and developing new projects.

Scott's background includes the administration of energy efficiency programs at NYSERDA as well as time spent at a consulting firm assisting utilities in improving their existing programs and assessing their impacts.

Throughout his nearly ten years of experience in the energy industry in New York and California, Scott has combined an engineering background with experience in business and project management to achieve success and energy savings amidst difficult regulatory environments.

Stuart Ravens,

Principal Research Analyst

Stuart Ravens is a principal research analyst, working in Navigant Research's Utility Transformations team.

Stuart focuses on utility digitization, analyzing topics such as IT, analytics, transactive energy, blockchain, and changing utility business models.

His work covers utility and vendor strategies for managing the transformation to a distributed future. In particular, he focuses on how new technologies -such as blockchain and AI- can give utilities future competitive advantage, but also covers the significant barriers to digital transformation and how utilities can manage them to their advantage.

Stuart has been an analyst for more than 20 years. For the past eight years, his work has focused on the use of technology by utilities.

Stuart holds an MSc in information science from City University, London

Maikel van Verseveld,


Maikel van Verseveld is CEO of OMNETRIC Group and leads a growing team of experts dedicated to developing and delivering integrated smart grid solutions for an increasingly digital grid.

Maikel has collaborated with utilities throughout the world on large-scale, complex technology deployments and brings to OMNETRIC Group knowledge of both the information and operational systems that enable the effective distribution of energy today.

Previously managing director for Accenture Smart Grid Services in Europe, Africa & Latin America, he is an industry expert with more than 15 years experience consulting to utilities.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the future of community energy
  • Generation and distribution of community energy
  • Business models of community energy
  • Learn how to capture the benefits of a digitized grid


  • Operation Systems Lead
  • Digital Network Technology Lead
  • Environment Services Lead
  • Head of Projects
  • IT and Sustainability Lead
  • New Technologies Lead
  • IT System Development and Technology Lead
  • Digital Strategist
  • Local Government Representative Responsible for Energy
  • Local Government Representative Responsible for Sustainability
  • Energy Efficiency Lead
  • Demand Response Lead
  • Demand Response Programs Lead
  • Grid Control Lead
  • Low Voltage Operations Lead