Bently Nevada Condition Monitoring: When Small Means Big

Sponsored by: Bently Nevada

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    Date: 10 July


    Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

    Big protection, small footprint for rotating machinery

    Innovation is the hallmark of industry. Today, that innovation is evident in manufacturing maintenance programs where small-and-mighty innovative condition monitoring solutions help prevent large-scale, potentially catastrophic events. By proactively and continuously monitoring plant equipment in real-time, manufacturers can mitigate vulnerabilities that have far-reaching consequences in the areas of safety, downtime, environmental hazards and financial losses. For rotating machinery, big-sized protection is essential and now comes in a small-sized condition monitoring solution.

    Tackling the Big: Unnecessary Risks = Big Exposure

    Condition monitoring can help to:

    1. Increase Safety
    Manual monitoring and maintenance gaps can expose employees to hazardous conditions and the public to potential environmental disasters.

    2. Decrease Downtime
    Downtime is the bane of every manufacturing plant, costing big money: Estimations in auto factories for example: $1million/hour - $3 million/hour.

    3. Maximize Production
    Keeping machines healthy and running maximizes finite production lifecycles.

    4. Reduce Financial Losses
    Indirect (hidden) maintenance costs are stealthy and steep – up to 5X more than direct costs. (the iceberg model)

    Leveraging the Small: Compact footprint condition monitoring provides big protection

    Condition monitoring solutions today:

    Small footprint > Think: From four basketballs to one baseball OR 1/3 the size of
    traditional rack solutions
    Fit-for-use > Simple and sophisticated
    Installation > Shorter cable runs = time + cost savings
    Remote, continuous > Meaningful data on all machine types
    All-channel monitoring > Comprehensive, advanced signal and data processing

    At Bently Nevada, our newest condition monitoring solutions, the Advanced Distributed Architecture Platform Technology (ADAPT) 3701 / 4x is positively disrupting manufacturing and challenging the status quo with right-sized solutions that deliver the most advanced condition monitoring functionality available. ADAPT 3701 /4x is small-sized condition monitoring that delivers big-sized protection for all types of rotating machinery.

    In manufacturing, maintenance matters. A small investment today for a smaller footprint condition monitoring solution can prevent large, irreversible costs and potentially catastrophic consequences tomorrow. That’s when small means big. Really big. Register for our webinar to learn more about the impressive capabilities of next gen, small-and-mighty condition monitoring solutions.

    Presented by

    Robert S. (Bob) Craft,

    Bently Nevada, Senior Product Manager – Baker Hughes, a GE Company

    Bob is responsible for the overall lifecycle management of the Bently Nevada permanently installed wired condition monitoring and evaluation instrument portfolio. His first 20 years in the technology-based machinery condition monitoring and evaluation industry were as a Customer and end user. The more recent 20 have been as a field application engineer helping Customers achieve their reliability improvement objectives through the use of vibration monitoring technology. Having worked on machinery ranging from nuclear and fossil fueled to wind power generation, through cruise ship podded propulsion systems and locomotives, to paper machines to name just a few, he brings solid Customer focus to the product management role.
    Bob is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, NY with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

    Key Learning Objectives

    • Increase Safety
    • Decrease Downtime
    • Maximize Production
    • Reduce Financial Losses


    • Maintenance and Reliability Manager
    • Vibration Analysis Consultant
    • Plant Manager
    • Refining – Technical Management