Battery Selection and Performance in GenSet Applications

Sponsored by: EnerSys

Focused on:

  • Battery

Date: 24 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How to evaluate key criteria to ensure optimal battery selection in GenSet applications

Review battery applications within the Genset market. We will highlight the different attributes a battery should have in various applications. We will state the importance of battery technology in the Genset market as more is asked of the equipment and explain how Genset operators can optimise their equipment performance through correct specification and understanding of battery technology.

Highlight the benefits Genset operators will see through the correct specification and use of batteries. We will indicate how to size batteries for various applications, how to protect batteries from premature failure and how to reduce operational expenditure costs by correct selection of batteries.

During the Webinar EnerSys will explain the advantages of their TPPL product in the GenSet Market, this will include looking at hybrid applications

Presented by

Thomas Verghese,

Product Manager-Specialty

I have been employed in the battery industry for 20 years and have been involved with both Lead Acid and other chemistries. My career to date has been with EnerSys the world’s leading industrial battery manufacturer and I am currently the global product manager for the EnerSys Specialty range incorporating TPPL, advanced Lead Acid battery chemistry.

I have a BSc in Physics from the University of Sussex UK, and an MSc and PhD in Materials Science from the University of Manchester, UK

Key Learning Objectives

  • A review of the different roles that batteries play in GenSet applications and what aspects of battery performance are critical in those areas.
  • An overview of lead acid battery technologies, and the benefits of EnerSys Thin Plate Pure Lead Technology
  • Understand failure modes in GenSet applications, factors effecting battery life and operational expenditure


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  • Project Manager
  • R&D
  • Consulting
  • Power Management