Back-Up Power - Total Cost of Ownership View on Cabinets and Batteries

Sponsored by: EnerSys

Focused on:

  • Batteries
  • Telecom Sites

Date: 21 September


Time: 1PM London/2PM Paris

Aspects to consider when investing in batteries and cabinets in different climates, grid types and applications

Do you make the correct choices and investments in your telecom sites?

A sound balance between CAPEX and OPEX is key to keep your expenses (both short term and long term) to a minimum. We aim to shed the light on where and how to invest in battery backup solutions to minimize TCO for power management in your telecom sites.

The optimal solution can vary greatly between regions and it is important to have the correct tools to make the best choices and investments. The need for cyclability of the batteries, the cooling of the cabinets and combinations thereof varies between regions and applications. In some cases, you may want to cut down on the cost of cooling the batteries as it will not have the big impact on lifetime. In other cases, it may be paramount to keep the cost of service and maintenance down and thus optimizing the expenditure at that site.

What aspects should you consider to make the right choices? Join our webinar and learn more about what you can do to optimize your company’s investments in outdoor backup power solutions for telecom sites.

Presented by

Raisa Kosonen,

Senior Marketing Manager, Reserve Power

Raisa is the Senior Marketing Manager, Reserve Power at EnerSys. She has over 17 years of experience in the global telecom industry product marketing and sales management. Raisa has launched many telecom products and solutions globally. During the last four years she has worked in EnerSys in a senior product marketing role in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region covering telecom, utility and specialty segments.

Ted Mattsson,

Product Management Director, EMEA

Over 30 years’ experience of product development and global product management from the telecom industry. Ted has worked with international product and business development and has held leader positions in thermal R/D, business development and product management of shelter and enclosure solutions.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand what the main CAPEX drivers are in an outdoor battery backup solution and what the cost of the system components are.
  • Understand what the main OPEX drivers are in an outdoor battery backup solution and what the operational cost drivers are.
  • Obtain a working knowledge on grid quality aspects and their impact on OPEX.
  • Gain an appreciation of TCO comparisons to highlight the differences between optimization of system choices.


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  • Sourcing
  • Purchasing
  • Development
  • Business Development