In-vivo monitoring of CAR-T cells using sensitive Droplet Digital PCR

Sponsored by: Bio-Rad

Focused on:

  • Immunotherapy

Date: 28 May


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Droplet Digital PCR is the perfect tool to detect gene-modified cells in different body fluids

Immunotherapy with CD19-specific CAR-T cells has shown excellent efficacy in late-stage relapsed/refractory B-cell cancers. In-vivo expansion and persistence of CAR-T cells after infusion are important response and toxicity determining variables, but diagnostic tools are largely missing.

Droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) is characterised by excellent sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility. Dr Fehse and his team have cloned and sequenced complete cDNAs of both vector constructs. They have designed different combinations of primers and dual-labelled hydrolysis probes and tested them on CAR-T cells, post-infusion samples, and controls in duplex reactions with reference genes.

They have developed and applied novel ddPCR assays for monitoring of Axi-cel and Tisa-cel CAR-T cells in vivo.

Join us for our live webinar where Dr Fehse talks us through his research about how ddPCR is excellently suited as a diagnostic tool to monitor infused cells in real-time in different body fluids.

Presented by

Dr Boris Fehse,

Head of Research Cell and Gene Therapy University Clinical Hospital Hamburg

Graduating from the University of Hamburg, Dr Fehse has progressed his scientific career within Cell and Gene Therapy as Head of Research in the university. He has held many executive positions including President of the German Society of Gene Therapy and is a scientific reviewer for multiple journals.

Dr Joerg Bantin,

Sales Specialist ddPCR – Bio-Rad

Dr Bantin has worked at Bio-Rad for the last 15 years. He is now one of two Regional Specialists for ddPCR in Central Europe.

Key Learning Objectives

  • To learn why ddPCR is excellently suited for high-sensitivity detection of gene-modified cells, particularly CAR-T cells
  • To find out how to define CAR vector copies per µg DNA
  • To understand how to determine actual CAR-T numbers per µl based on ddPCR results and blood counts


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