Environmental Noise: An Unwanted By-Product of Your Industry

Sponsored by: INNOVA Braden Europe

Focused on:

  • Building Acoustics
  • Acoustic Consulting
  • Community Noise Regulations
  • Industrial Noise
  • Noise Emissions

Date: 16 April


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Leading Noise Solutions to Help you Respond to Growing Community Concerns

With increased regulations and growing concerns from communities, companies face a myriad of noise challenges. Being a highly productive organization, you have the added responsibility of finding that perfect balance in creating harmony between industry and community. Even if your plant is complying with local noise regulations, it may not be enough as communities and citizens may have additional issues which can impact the overall reputation of your company.

Noise is complex and is an important issue. As global leaders in Noise Management, our team of leading engineers and acoustic consultants have developed a comprehensive webinar to take a closer look at the multitude of sources behind noise. We will also highlight best practices and technologies that will help you mitigate and manage these situations most cost effectively. Key insights that will allow you to perform optimally while appeasing local communities, so you can create a harmonious balance between the productivity of your plant and acceptance within the community.

Within any plant there may be hundreds of noise sources that need to be assessed. We will show how scientific tools can diagnose different problems and uncover the root cause. With that understanding we will demonstrate how different products, innovations and techniques can deliver dramatic results in reducing the impact of noise. We will also provide an extensive overview of past projects from around the world and outline how these solutions, combined with specific community focussed strategies, have delivered effective results in further strengthening relationships between industry and those around you.

When it comes to noise control, you have a lot at stake. Sign up today to take part in this informative webinar series. With the right tools, resources and information we can ensure that you're always a part of the solution and a valued member of any community.

INNOVA Braden Europe is a leading supplier of specialized and balanced solutions for air and noise emissions control, acoustic consulting and mitigation, gas turbine auxiliary systems and turnkey buildings. Backed by 40 years of innovation and a strong commitment to client excellence we deliver performance and efficiencies for our customers in the power generation, oil & gas, petrochemical and industrial sectors. With offices strategically located throughout the world we ensure global expertise combined with a local focus in everything we do.

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INNOVA Braden Europe

Presented by

Ashley Gibson P.Eng, MBA,

Director, Engineering – Noise Management

With a strong focus on noise emissions and acoustic consulting, Ashley is internationally recognized as an authority with regards to Noise Management. His innovative drive, pragmatic approach and commitment to creating a harmonious balance between community and the productivity of industry has made him a true leader within the INNOVA Global family. As Director of Engineering - Noise Management, Ashley is responsible for fostering a productive culture that is always at the forefront in creating effective solutions for clients.

Ed Chan MBA, BS,

Director Business Development

Ed is a respected leader in noise and air emissions. With more than 30 years of direct involvement in this sector, Ed's commitment to help the industry grow and produce effective solutions is evident in the variety of roles he has held throughout his career. As Director of Business Development for INNOVA Braden Europe - Ed continues to deliver his expertise and strategic insights to further benefit Middle East and European markets.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Inform audience what is at stake for industries with regards to noise problems
  • Effective corporate tactics and strategies for industry and community to coincide in harmony
  • Showcase the complexity of noise and identify common industry noise sources
  • Proven solutions that help industries achieve optimum results


  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Strategy and Planning