Top 3 Most Damaging Frauds in Online Banking

Sponsored by: ThreatMark

Focused on:

  • Online Banking
  • Fraud Prevention

Date: 14 April


Time: 2PM London / 3PM CET

Eliminating most dangerous online banking threats

Online banking scams are thriving as never before. Driven by the accelerated digitalization fraudsters are working heavily on scaling their attacks on both businesses and end users, regardless of the channel. The US Based Insurance Information Institute notes that in 2019 consumers reported losing more than $1.9 billion related to fraud complaints, while Statista notes fraud losses amounting to 112 million British pounds in 2019.

In 2021, these numbers are projected to be even higher as the fraudsters are even more encouraged by the pandemic. ThreatMark’s research indicates that criminals exploit the fear and trust of users worldwide to trick them to hand over their sensitive data. Inboxes are flooded with fear-mongering phishing e-mails or malware hidden in fake instructions manuals.

In this webinar ThreatMark’s Lukas Jakubicek will present you 3 most damaging frauds for online banking, specifically: phishing, SIM-swap and RAT (remote access trojan) based vishing.

Lukas will present you hard and soft skills needed to perpetuate these attacks. In the presentation he’ll go in the nitty gritty technical details of each one of them which you can use to fight and prevent these attacks. Lukas presentation is based on real-world cases he collected whilst working at ThreatMark and banks.

ThreatMark’s proprietary data and technology—complemented by cybersecurity expertise—enables banks to fight fraud across all digital channels; and protect their users throughout their digital customer journey. The webinar shares some details of ThreatMark’s unique approach and presents the complexities of scamming online banking users.

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Presented by

Lukas Jakubicek,

Fraud & Cybersecurity Specialist

Lukas has more than 10 years of working experience in IT and throughout the digital realms. By working closely with ThreatMark cyber security team he has earned a deep understanding of cyber security and know-how of the modern fraud’s methodologies. Together, they’re building the next generation of anti-fraud solutions for all digital channels.

He regularly trains banks' fraud analysts and works closely with ThreatMark's Security Operation Center (SOC) in fighting online banking fraud. His work and his unique relationships, with banks and cyber security experts, provide him an excellent overview of the current cyber threats landscape & the most effective prevention methods.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover how modern fraud works in the online banking space across digital channels.
  • Learn more about the 3 most damaging frauds for online banking today.
  • Have a sneak peek into the mind of the scammer by learning about the hard and soft skills needed to produce these scams.
  • Learn how to recognize the scams at every stage, and most importantly how to prevent them.


  • CISOs
  • Online Fraud Managers
  • Senior Online fraud analysts
  • Online Banking Security Professionals
  • Digital Banking Product owners