The Future Advisor in Wealth Management: Make it Happen Now

Sponsored by: Wealth Dynamix, Connective & DreamQuark

Focused on:

  • Wealth Management

Date: 22 September


Time: 10AM London/11AM CET

Equip advisors to work smarter, achieve optimal results for clients, and be satisfied in their work

Clients don’t know or care what technology their wealth manager uses. They care about frictionless service, facetime with advisors, portfolio performance, and the attainment of their personal financial goals.

Why are so many wealth managers still failing to deliver? In this webinar you will learn about the must-have technologies that will empower your advisors to deliver on their promises to clients. And the sooner you get started, the better prepared you will be to address challenges in the future.

Wealth managers had to act fast to accelerate digital transformation as soon as COVID-19 emerged, but getting the balance right between people and technology isn’t easy. The “Future Advisor” must be technology-enabled to work faster and smarter, to achieve optimal outcomes for clients, and gain maximum satisfaction in their work.

In this webinar we’ll be talking to wealth management technology leaders, discussing the digital game-changers that will empower the Future Advisor to achieve outstanding results:

· What does Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) do for the Future Advisor that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) does not?
· Which aspects of the client journey can be digitised to increase operational efficiency?
· How can digitisation help build more engaged and emotionally connected client relationships?
· What challenges can AI solve, to enable the Future Advisor to be more responsive and proactive?
· How can digitised ID verification processes meet the needs of all key stakeholders throughout the client lifecycle?
· How can you be sure that eSignatures will be secure, compliant, and accepted by clients?

Key Takeaways

You will learn how wealth managers are adapting and planning for the future through:

· Client Lifecycle Management platforms designed to provide a 360-degree client view
· More cost-effective solutions that make best use of advisor time
· New technologies that extract value from data to deliver actionable insights
· Automated processes that are seamless and reduce friction for clients

Antony Bream, Managing Director – EMEA & Americas, Wealth Dynamix

Mikko Hietanen, Chief Revenue Officer, DreamQuark

Charly Deighton, Sales Director, Connective

Lucy Heavens, Head of Marketing, Wealth Dynamix

Presented by

Antony Bream,

Managing Director – EMEA & Americas, Wealth Dynamix

Mikko Hietanen,

Chief Revenue Officer, DreamQuark

Charly Deighton,

Sales Director, Connective

Lucy Heavens,

Head of Marketing, Wealth Dynamix

Key Learning Objectives


    • CEO
    • Chief Operations/Operating Officer
    • Head of Operations
    • Chief Information Officer
    • Chief Technology Officer
    • Chief Digital Officer
    • Chief Customer Officer
    • Head of Client Service
    • Head of Customer Experience
    • Head of Sales
    • Head of Onboarding
    • Head of Client Acquisition
    • Head of Private Banking
    • Head of Wealth Management
    • Head of Relationship Management
    • Head of Client Delivery
    • Head of Client Journeys
    • Head of CRM
    • Head of Client Lifecycle (Management)
    • Head of KYC
    • Head of Front Office
    • Head of Innovation
    • Head of Systems