Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy in Site Contracts and Payments

Sponsored by: Clintrax Global

Focused on:

  • Payments
  • Clinical Trials

Date: 6 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Five Essential Considerations For Trial Sponsors

To function, clinical trials require the artful coordination of independent yet overlapping services across a multitude of operating units. While each service is managed separately, all services must be carefully integrated to ensure the effective execution of the trial. This is particularly true of the negotiation and execution of site contracts, investigator budgets, and site payments. Often managed independently, these three services are deeply interrelated, and any lack of coordination between them results in added cost and significant delay.

There are many challenges involved in the execution of global clinical trial agreements - and in turn - in the dispensation of investigator payments. But a number of these obstacles can be avoided with proper planning in the budget development stage. Methodical and accurate budget development is the key to avoiding costly delays. Partnering with a knowledgeable, global budget development expert that provides world-class service will help you to navigate the nuances of budget development and alleviate gaps in the connection of critical components, keeping your trial on track for success.

Every week lost to poor budget planning and inefficient negotiation represents a week of patient enrollment lost, a week of data not collected, and a week added to the timeline of your study. Streamlining this aspect of the start-up process will help you to achieve the maximum return on investment.

Join Clintrax Global for a one-hour webinar during which Russell John, Clintrax’s Vice President of Grants Management, will present the five essential considerations for driving speed, efficiency and accuracy in the coordination and negotiation of investigator contracts, budgets and payments.

Presented by

Russell John,

Vice President of Grants Management, Clintrax Global

Russell John is the Global Director of Grants Management with Clintrax Global. Mr. John has a diverse background which spans over a decade in the research industry. Working in the laboratory, CROs, and an SMO, he developed a strong sense of the interrelatedness between the pharmaceutical, clinical site, and service provider components of clinical research. Contributing to the early growth of Clintrax, Mr. John brought unique insight and a breadth of experience to his development of the Grants Management Department, which includes the Budget Development and Global Investigator Payments divisions. Prior to joining Clintrax, Mr. John worked at a large, international CRO where he led a team responsible for global proposal and budget development for Phase I-IV trials across a multitude of therapeutic indications. He collaborated with multi-functional global teams and sponsors to execute projects from the bid stage through trial start-up, and provided on-going analysis of negotiated contracts and bid projections throughout the payment process to ensure that projects were within scope. He holds a bachelor’s degree in life science education and a master’s degree in biology from Youngstown State University.

Key Learning Objectives

  • To discuss the challenge of negotiating investigator site contracts, budgets and payments, and the need for coordination across the three often independently managed services
  • To understand the consequences of poor budget planning, which impacts contract negotiations, investigator payments, and ultimately, the trial timeline
  • To learn strategies to streamline the development and execution of investigator contracts, budgets and payments to avoid costly delays


  • VP/Director of Clinical Research
  • VP/Director of Clinical Operations
  • VP/Director of Site Contracting and Budget Management
  • Head of Site Payments
  • VP/Director of Site Activation
  • Contracting and Monitoring
  • Global Payments Lead