Real-Time Payments worldwide, what's next?

Sponsored by: BPC Banking Technologies

Focused on:

  • Payment Technologies

Date: 1 September


Time: 9AM London/4PM Beijing/1:30PM India

In many countries, real-time payments have been adopted widely offering banks, businesses and customers convenience and 24/7 availability. However the movement is not over.

While existing RTP are looking at adding new services, other countries are just entering into their journey of delivering instant and seamless experiences. Their advantage? Leverage new technology, innovation and ecosystem to offer value beyond speed for all participants and users.

Celent and BPC are inviting you to a webinar focusing on the state of real-time and the next innovations that will be breaking through with new standards being set.

This webinar will look at the different real-time payment models adopted worldwide and their key learnings. It will also look at how to build the right ecosystem and which new technologies are unlocking greater value and efficiency for all participants.

Presented by

Gareth Lodge,

Senior Analyst at Celent

Gareth Lodge is a Senior Analyst at Celent, with global coverage of commercial payments, payments infrastructure and payments processing technology. In particular, Gareth is the leading analyst in the industry covering payments services hubs, real-time payments and ACH.

He has extensive knowledge of real-time payment systems, including working on the UK’s Faster Payment system, and Australia’s NPP.

Irfan Ahmed,

Head of Instant Payment, BPC

Irfan leads the Real Time payment division at BPC, a leader in payment solution and services. He has over 15 years’ experience in payment systems and digital banking solutions. Irfan has played a key role in establishing national payment systems from the ground up in South East Asia and Africa.

He has designed and executed technology roadmaps of payment systems products and have launched them with tremendous success. His latest initiative is an ambitious Real Time payment network in the Middle East which encompasses players beyond banks with telecom operators and P2P lenders joining hands to create a new level of customer experience.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The growing importance of real-time payments
  • Understanding existing real-time payments models adopted worldwide
  • The recipe for success to achieve real-time payments
  • Innovation in real-time payment platforms
  • Building ecosystem of value beyond the need for speed
  • A roadmap for existing real-time payment systems to innovate
  • A roadmap for new countries entering their journey of building a national real-time payment network


  • Central Banks
  • Retail Banks
  • Payment Consultants
  • Telecom Operators