Process Intelligence: 7 Steps to Successful IT Transformation

Sponsored by: Signavio

Focused on:

  • It Transformation
  • Crm
  • Process Technology

Date: 6 July


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How modern process technology facilitates change, drives the right outcomes and helps deliver on time

Large IT transformation projects, like introducing a new ERP or CRM system, are often a long and painful exercise for companies to go through. Delays and unexpected roadblocks let deadlines slip or make the budget go through the roof. And the Go-Lives are the ultimate moments of truth for CIOs and transformation managers: Does everything work smoothly and give business users the support it should?

This webinar shows how modern process technology drastically improves how large IT transformation projects can be conducted. Early collaboration between business and IT improves alignment regarding the target state. A model-based approach also helps with requirements management, testing and end user education.

But there is even more: The world’s first end-to-end Process Intelligence technology gives detailed insights into how current state operations look like, but also shows how well the new target model covers past behaviour and what change management initiatives should specifically focus on.

Don’t miss this webinar! It will make you rethink how to run your IT transformation project.

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Presented by

Gero Decker,


Gero holds a PhD in Business Process Management and co-authored the book "The Process".

In 2016 he won the Innovator of the Year Award run by Technology Review, the innovation magazine of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The award recognizes young thought leaders who are visualizing and implementing pioneering projects, and who are determining the future of technology with their ideas.

As CEO and co-founder of Berlin-headquartered Signavio GmbH, Gero leads a highly-dedicated team of BPM experts. Under his leadership, Signavio has been recognized as one of the fastest growing tech companies by Deloitte's annual Technology Fast 50 awards for three years in a row.

Modeling, Intelligence, Decisions and Execution are all aspects of BPM that Signavio addresses and for which Gero has been central in transforming the way tools and technologies enable change in organizations.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the critical success factors for large IT transformation projects
  • How to best get business users involved in the project?
  • What is Process Mining and how does it help for IT projects?
  • How to improve process performance and prove ROI of the transformation project?


  • Senior Project Manager
  • VP Business Transformation
  • Head of Business Transformation
  • CIO / CEO / COO /CFO / CCO
  • Director of Business Transformation
  • Director of Process Improvement
  • Head of Process Improvement
  • VP Process Improvement
  • CTO
  • VP Operational Excellence
  • Director Operational Excellence
  • Head of Operational Excellence
  • Senior Level Business Transformation
  • Process Improvement
  • Operational Excellence
  • Process Excellence