Leveraging a “DevOps Mindset” through and post COVID-19

Sponsored by: Black Pepper Software

Focused on:

  • Devops
  • Covid 19

Date: 12 November


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

Removing technological barriers in a world that is putting up physical barriers is tough, but is more valuable now than ever before.

Even before the country was locked down, IT Directors were scratching their heads and asking themselves where to start with DevOps adoption. Many were pondering the best means of introducing cross-functional ways of working, continuous delivery, automation, improved security and the tools required to support this.

Even if you had a plan before, now it requires executing remotely! How can organisations introduce significant cultural and business change with teams scattered across the UK? How can they ensure that the adoption plans they’d already set in motion are still relevant and even possible?

During this webinar our Head of DevOps & technical strategy Martin Blower and our Devops Specialist Sam Warner will cover what DevOps is, and is not, along with some of the most common mistakes made when attempting to adopt a DevOps mindset. We’ll also be sharing some of the tactics Black Pepper have used to maintain their DevOps culture to ensure cross-functional, remote teams continue to deliver.

Finally we’ll uncover the meaning of “DevSecOps” and discuss how now more than ever, embracing DevSecOps is the key to modern, successful software delivery.

Are you ready for DevOps/DevSecOps? Has remote working impacted your plans for adoption? Don’t know where to begin? Sign up here for discussion and expert insights.

Presented by

Sam Warner,

Devops Specialist

Software developer with experience in consultancy, cloud infrastructure, front-end and back-end development, and machine learning. Primary skills include web application and client-server development using technologies such as Angular, React, Spring (Boot/Web/JPA), Hibernate, Java and SQL, AWS, Azure, Jenkins, Docker, .NET Core, Git, JIRA, Slack etc.

Martin Blower,

Head of DevOps & technical strategy

A cross platform Software Engineer and Architect with over 30 years experience of the full software development life-cycle. Worked with Black Pepper on large corporate projects implementing features in an agile, TDD approach from acceptance tests through to development.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Explain what DevOps/ DevSecOps is
  • Recognise common anti-patterns when attempting to adopt DevOps
  • Apply cultural changes to facilitate a DevOps mindset, understanding it isn’t all about toolsets
  • Construct an approach to adopt or maintain DevOps during and post Covid


  • CTOs
  • CIOs
  • IT Directors
  • PMOs
  • Head of Transformation
  • Head of Innovation