Leverage Digital Channels to Deliver Convenient Customer Experience in the Mobile Age

Sponsored by: Moxtra

Focused on:

  • Customer Service
  • Digital Portal

Date: 24 February


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

In this webinar, we will be joined by BNP Paribas to explore what creating convenient customer experiences in banking entails as consumer expectations are shifting to on-demand expectations in today’s digital age.
Moxtra’s OneStop platform allows organizations to deliver premiere and personalized service through their own branded portals. Using private digital channels, customers are able to reach in anytime, anywhere and receive managed, timely responsiveness. As a result, businesses are able to develop persistent and continuous relationships and create more value for their brand. Additionally to brand virality, by leveraging an ever-present digital experience in customers’ devices, there is an unlimited potential to increase revenue by offering a secure branch of business wherever customers are, reducing the need for brick and mortar locales and increasing geography in order to grow the customer base.

Dieter Antoine, Head of Digital Transformation and Customer Experiences at BNP Paribas, sits down with Moxtra to discuss the BNP digital journey and maintaining their reputation as “the bank for the changing world” with their own Moxtra-powered portal. The virtual branch of business offering powers digital resilience for the future by engaging customers remotely while offering the human touch of an immersive, collaborative experience- from their pockets.

Presented by

Nikhita Iyar,

Strategic Business Development

Nikhita Iyar leads the Strategic Business Development team at Moxtra. Moxtra’s Customer Collaboration Platform powers your OneStop Digital Channel, in every customer's pocket. Moxtra-powered private digital channels provide a one-stop experience for your customers to reach into your organization and get premier service, anytime, anywhere. A Moxtra-powered digital channel makes it extremely easy and convenient for customers to do business with an organization, whilst enabling organizations to manage staff to be responsive. Nikhita works with businesses across verticals to help them deliver a premier service experience to their customers through their own private digital channels. Being a key team member at Moxtra, Nikhita has helped the company grow its business over the course of Moxtra’s journey in a number of different industries. She is responsible for driving partnerships and designing solutions in financial services, real estate, legal, talent management, entertainment, luxury lifestyle, design, architecture, fashion, event planning, automotive, distribution, retailer management, and more. Nikhita has worked closely with several of the world’s leading organizations, such as MUFG and Van Lanschot, to help them power their own digital channel and deliver a seamless, premier service experience to their clients. Nikhita’s goal is to help businesses across the world power their own digital branch to stay in continuous connection with their customers.

Rodolphe Quenette,

Enterprise Consultant

Over the past years, I have been working with Fortune 500 companies helping them design and implement digital transformation programs around themes such as the exploitation of digital technologies to improve operational efficiency, Customer experience, and new ways of interacting with customers (cross-channel, mobility, social.
Passionate about new technologies, I firmly believe in the power of the intellect and imagination to solve problems considered insurmountable.

Didier Antoine,

Head of Distribution and Digital Domain for BNP Paribas Wealth Management Information Services.

Didier Antoine is the head of distribution and digital domain for BNP Paribas Wealth Management Information services . He is in charge of application development and maintenance for a portfolio of applications used by clients / front office users : e-banking ecosystem, CRM, RM Workstation, … . He has been working for more than 20 years in the Wealth Management space of BNP Paribas across several locations in Europe / Asia.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Explore the concept of customer convenience with shifting customer expectations in today’s digitally driven age.
  • Understand the value of offering a OneStop digital channel to deliver a premier, personalized and persistent engagement channel for customers to reach in - anytime, anywhere.
  • Analyze the power of leveraging digital presence on customer’s devices to build brand virality, persistent customer relationships, and increase revenue.
  • A look into the future of customer convenience on digital channels to create an immersive virtual branch.


  • Banking & Wealth Management
  • Personal Wealth Management
  • Financial Advisors
  • C Suite Level and Business Development