Joining the Dots – Empowering Front, Middle & Back Office Investment Professionals to Truly understand their Customers Journey

Sponsored by: SugarCRM

Focused on:

  • Financial
  • Services

Date: 6 October


Time: 11AM London/12PM Paris

Financial Institutions Are Undergoing a Transformation

In today’s digital age customer expectations have changed and Financial Institutions are struggling to keep up. Personalisation, engagement, digitised services and constant innovation, is essential for Investment Firms to retain and grow their customer base.

In order to position themselves competitively, Financial Institutions need to rethink the ‘customer experience’ – in particular ensuring the dots are connected between the front, middle and back office operations to improve transparency. The single most important step in this rethinking is to take the customer’s perspective, that is, to look at one’s business, from the outside in, as one’s customer does.

In short, Investment Management organisations need to redesign their whole business from a customer point of view.

Join this webinar where we will discuss:

• How can you take the “customers perspective” in order to reach potential buyers effectively before their decision has been made?
• What new methods have emerged that make it easier not only to gather data but also to use it and keep it real and relevant?
• What the "customer journey" looks like for the investment banks of the future
• How Financial Organisations can meet customer expectations and still comply with regulatory pressures
• How you can orchestrate customer interactions as much possible

Answers to these questions and more in the CBR webinar on 6th October at 11am BST.

Presented by

Phil Winters,

Customer Perspective Champion, Data Whisperer

Phil Winters’ passionate focus on the customer over the last 30+ years has earned him international recognition as “The Father of Customer Intelligence”. He is a pioneer in defining new approaches that help organizations to raise their customer value and increase loyalty by delivering outstanding customer experience.

An accomplished and dynamic public speaker, in his keynotes Phil draws on examples from his work with some 300 companies worldwide in developing customer strategies to grow their businesses, as well as in the implementation of the requisite underlying business initiatives and IT infrastructure.

Phil’s career began at SAS Institute - then still an unknown start-up - where he spent over two decades in management positions in Marketing, Sales, IT and executive management. Alongside his recent consulting and research projects, he has served as strategic advisor for Peppers & Rogers Group, an American firm recognized as a global authority on customer-based- strategies, and as member of the Board for KNIME, the leading open-source analytics platform based on a modern graphical workflow paradigm.

Today, Phil is an independent business advisor, a sought-after keynote lecturer and a highly effective moderator of customer perspective workshops

Key Learning Objectives

  • What the "customer journey" looks like for the financial institutions of the future
  • How financial institutions can implement a Customer Journey approach within a heavily regulated environment


  • C-Level
  • CIO
  • CEO
  • CCO
  • CMO
  • Customer Service Executives
  • Sales & Marketing Executives
  • IT decision makers
  • Wealth Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Investor Relations
  • Head of CRM
  • Head of Client Services
  • Client Relationship Manager
  • Head of Research