How Do You Become The Digital Bank of Tomorrow - Today?

Sponsored by: Nucleus Software

Focused on:

  • Digital Banking
  • Competitive Lending
  • Digitization
  • Retail Lending

Date: 21 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Driving Innovation in Lending – Digital, Personal, Analytical

Customers expect their banking experience to be as good as that offered by other industries. PwC recently reported that 88% of financial institutions are concerned that they are losing revenue to innovators. Funding of FinTech startups continues to increase, with over US$40 billion invested so far. 30% of customers plan to increase their usage of non-traditional financial services providers, and only 39% plan to continue using solely traditional services providers.

Clearly, this represents a considerable threat. While lending makes up more than one-third of retail bank revenues, banks can handle only 7% of products digitally from end to end. The customer service gap has provided an opportunity for the rise of FinTechs. But this is an opportunity for incumbents as well and to capitalize on it, lenders need to offer a unique digital experience. The traditional approach towards digital in lending is to focus on online and mobile channel offerings. However, little attention is placed on the entire front-to-back experience. By looking at digitization holistically, lenders can unlock tremendous value for both their businesses and their customers. As customers prefer personalized services, bankers need to tailor their offerings to meet individual expectations. With huge amount of data availability, banks are best positioned to extract meaningful insights, which can be easily applied across the loan lifecycle to transform their approach in lending.

Join Daragh O’Byrne and Megha Dalela as they discuss how banks and financial services companies can drive innovation in lending by leveraging the power of digital, personalization and analytics to create tomorrow's digital bank today -

•Digitization In Lending - Much more than online and mobile
•Personalization - A must in the age of Artificial Intelligence
•Making Better Credit Decisions Faster - Role of predictive analytics across the loan lifecycle

The webinar serves as a perfect guide on how to shape your organization for the lending of future and drive innovation as a key differentiator in a crowded market place.

Presented by

Daragh O’Byrne,

Vice President, Global Head of Marketing & Alliances, Nucleus Software

Daragh O’Byrne is responsible for driving business transformation through integrated and strategic marketing initiatives.

He brings over 20 years’ experience in the Financial Services application software sector. Daragh’s key focus area has been ensuring that software provides tangible business benefits for customers and that these benefits are explained in a clear, concise and compelling way.

His industry experience and in-depth understanding of technology drives his passion to ensure that value is delivered to customers.

Megha Dalela,

Vice President - Product, Nucleus Software

Megha Dalela heads the product management function for FinnOne Neo and Lending Analytics, and is responsible for conceptualization, design and development of software solutions, which deliver business value to banks and financial services companies.

She is a business leader with over 20 years of rich experience in various functional and strategic areas of retail banking. Megha's domain expertise lies in business processes and analytics of retail assets. She has comprehensive exposure to commercial functions involved in secured and unsecured retail assets - ranging from Underwriting Operations, Credit, Risk, Policy, Product Development, Debt restructuring and Risk analytics.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Making Digitization Work in Retail Lending
  • Power of Predictive Analytics Across the Lending Lifecycle
  • Importance of Personalization for Customer Centric Lending
  • Using Innovation in Lending as Competitive Advantage


  • CEO
  • CIO
  • COO
  • Head of Lending
  • Head of Credit
  • Head of Retail Banking
  • Head of Credit Risk Management
  • Head of Loan Operations
  • Head of Loan Collections
  • Head of Technology