Digital Wallet Platform: Decisions to Make Before Tender/RFP

Sponsored by: OpenWay Group

Focused on:

  • Digital Wallet
  • Banking
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Payments

Date: 24 October


Time: 4PM London/11AM New York

How your business model predetermines technological requirements

Does it bother you how quickly user expectations grow for mobile wallets and how little a bank or processor or PSP can do in response? A typical financial app relies on a tangled knot of legacy and new systems. Hardly anyone has the knowledge to coordinate them for a smooth omni-channel customer journey. After a costly and lengthy launch such projects mostly get stuck with the same functionality, and all involved parties remain disappointed.

During this webinar our payment expert highlights which innovations are relevant for each market. If you serve tech-savvy customers, how to keep them engaged and increase their spending amount and service usage frequency? If you target the unbanked and financially underserved, what kind of payments and transfers can overcome the lack of infrastructure?

Beside the innovative start, companies obviously hope for dynamic and cost-efficient expansion of their digital wallet projects. Sometimes it will require switching to a new business model or combining more than one. That’s why payment analysts, like Ovum in its recent wallet research, prioritize the platform flexibility. Together we’ll explore what exactly should be flexible and which technical requirements you should be looking for.

OpenWay's insight comes from working for 130 banks, payment processors, national switches, telecom, fleet and transport companies in EMEA, Asia and Americas. We have clients who serve over 16 bank wallets on the same WAY4 platform or work through 500,000 mobile agents and process 2,8M m-commerce transactions per day.

Our webinar can help you to make knowledgeable, long-term profitable decisions about the wallet projects - from the platform choice to further strategic expansion. Register and join us, and feel free to ask questions in the end!

Presented by

Serge Robyns,

Head of Presales at OpenWay

Serge Robyns is a C-level payment technology expert with a truly international portfolio. He has handled diverse projects in Europe, Africa and the Middle East: from helping big processors with digital transformation to building infrastructure from scratch for a start-up PSP.

Prior to OpenWay, Serge worked for MasterCard Europe, Belgian Post Group, Kredietbank (now KBC) and other payment industry players. As a consultant at BMC, he also contributed to the projects of Nokia Finland and ForeningsSparBanken Sweden.

Serge, who began his career as a system engineer at a Silicon Valley company, really cares for quality, reliability, aesthetics, good design and efficiency of payment software solutions.

Kieran Hines,

Head of Industries at Ovum

Kieran Hines is Head of Industries at Ovum, providing research to support clients across a range of sectors including financial services, retail, government, education, healthcare and utilities.


Key Learning Objectives

  • How to shortlist white-label wallet solutions – key evaluation criteria
  • Innovations and functionality trends emphasized by payment analysts
  • What business models you can launch on the same platform
  • Wallet platform flexibility – what it really means and why it matters


  • Heads of Payments
  • Heads of Retail Banking
  • Heads of Channels
  • Head of E-Banking
  • Heads of Digital Transformation
  • Head of Digital Innovations
  • CIO
  • CTO
  • Customer Service Executives
  • Sales & Marketing Executives