Vehicle or experience - what will we be buying in the future?

Sponsored by: Onfido

Focused on:

  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Identity
  • Identity Verification
  • Automotive
  • Mobility

Date: 25 November


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Enabling automotive's experience driven future with identity

Our relationship with automotive ownership is changing. We’ve seen a dramatic shift in attitudes over the past 5 years, which have only been accelerated by COVID-19. This begs the question, where will we be in 5 years time? How will our expectations of car ownership change – will we be buying vehicles or experiences?

In this webinar Olli Krebs (VP of Central EMEA), Dr. Sarah Wolff (Sales Director DACH at Transmit Security) and a special guest from the automotive industry will talk about how the industry is changing, and which technologies will enable its future.

Register now to hear them discuss:

- How has our relationship with car ownership changed, and what will the lasting effects of the pandemic will be

- Whether personalised experiences redefine car ownership

- Technologies needed to enable the future

- How will the purview of manufacturers will expand outside of the vehicle

Presented by

Olli Krebs,

VP of Central EMEA

Oliver has over 26 years experience leading growth and operations teams to deliver maximum profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction; connecting businesses to innovative identity and access management solutions to meet and exceed their business needs. At Onfido, Oliver leads a team of solution specialists, accelerating digital transformation of clients.

Dr. Sarah Wolff,

Sales Director DACH at Transmit Security

Sarah has worked with several Fortune 100 companies, providing practical solutions to highly complex problems. During the last 5 years, she focused on solving IT-security problems related to Identity and Access Management in particular. Sarah lives in Nürnberg, Germany at present and has lived in different countries, such as Switzerland, the United States and China.

Adrian Samareanu,

Chief Digital & Information Officer at Volvo Financial Services

Responsible for digital solutions, data and technology; Adrian leads a global division to improve business performance and drives digital business transformation for Volvo Financial Services resulting in customer value opportunities and sustainable profitability. Adrian has been improving customer experience and business performance for various global organisations over the last 20 years.

Eva Kellershof,

Senior Director of Strategy at Fair

Eva has closely been working with the Co-founder and President since Fair‘s early stage in 2016. Among Fair’s key investors are Daimler, BMW and Softbank. Eva previously served as a partner at Ricardo Strategic Consulting and worked in this capacity with the C suites of major OEMs in Europe, Japan and the US. Before moving back to Germany in 2019, Eva was living and working in Santa Monica, Washington, D.C. and Paris.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How has our relationship with car ownership changed, and what will the lasting effects of the pandemic be?
  • Will personalised experiences redefine car ownership?
  • What technology is needed to enable the future?
  • How will the purview of manufacturers expand outside of the vehicle?


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