Under the Hood of the Leading In-Cabin Safety Solution

Sponsored by: Vayyar Imaging

Focused on:

  • Automotive Safety

Date: 6 July

Days to go: 23

Time: 10AM Eastern / 3PM London

A visual walkthrough of 4D imaging radar

The vehicle cabin is a key focus of the automotive safety roadmap. From drivers to their most vulnerable passengers, road users depend on in-cabin safety features to protect them from the dangers of the road. A new generation of sensor technology is enabling automakers to enhance interior safety while reducing complexity and costs.

Join this compelling webinar for a behind-the-scenes tour of the industry’s only globally regulated, 4D imaging radar that covers a full cabin with a single chip. We’ll have a look at the advanced technology behind the sensor’s unmatched performance, the significant cost savings it yields and the features that enable it to earn a full 7.5 EU NCAP points for any vehicle, while improving user experience.

You’ll see the technology in action with comprehensive application demos inside the cabin. We’ll explore Child Presence Detection (CPD) and discuss why point cloud-based detection and classification are critical capabilities engineered to maximize safety scores, while minimizing false alarms. We’ll cover enhanced Seat Belt Reminders (SBR) and explore the significance of a wide field of view, the ability to differentiate between passengers and a range of three rows, and how these elements enable an industry-first CPD + SBR combo. This session will also provide a deep dive into numerous other safety applications enabled by the 4D imaging radar sensor’s rich occupant data.

We’ll demonstrate why Vayyar’s multifunctionality on a single chip platform is a game-changer for automotive safety. As you draw up your in-cabin roadmap, this is the webinar to attend if you want to reap the rewards of an integrated sensor platform that fires on all cylinders.

Presented by

Ian Podkamien,

VP, Head of Automotive

Ian started his career in 1997, in chip design of wireless technologies, after 7 years of military service in the Israeli Navy. Afterwards, he led the MAC chip-design team at Envara, a startup that was acquired by Intel in 2004. At Intel he led a chip design group and worked as Project and Program Manager in the WiMAX division, leading products and customer engagements. In 2009 he was promoted to Head of Program Office, #2 in the WiMAX division, and later Biz-Dev, where his line of work involved seeking new partnerships, investments and M&A. In 2012 Ian resumed work in startups, as VP R&D at Powermat, a pioneer in wireless-charging, whose solutions were deployed in GM vehicles and more than 2000 Starbucks stores. In 2016 he joined Vayyar as Director of Business Development, focused on the automotive, robotics, safety (industry 4.0) and mobility markets. Ian oversees partnerships with industry leaders in all of these markets and helps integrate Vayyar technology into their products, solutions and services.

Key Learning Objectives

  • A technical review of the capabilities of 4D imaging radar
  • The different requirements behind earning full CPD points from EU NCAP
  • How multifunctionality on a single-chip platform can replace multiple sensors now and in the future
  • How automakers can leverage the platform’s unparalleled resolution to develop additional in-cabin applications in upcoming model years


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