Optimising Powertrains on the Road to Zero

Sponsored by: MAHLE Powertrain

Focused on:

  • Powertrains
  • Modular Hybrid Powertrain
  • Automotive Technology
  • Electrification
  • Hybridisation
  • RDE Development Process
  • Drive Cycle Simulation

Date: 29 July


Time: 3PM London/4PM CET/10AM EST

Developing advanced technology powertrains for ever-increasing efficiency

By 2025 significant reductions in vehicle carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions need to be achieved to meet fleet targets, whilst also satisfying the more stringent, forthcoming, Euro7 emissions regulations. This focus on techniques to reduce the tailpipe CO2 is increasing the interest in high efficiency internal combustion engines and increasing levels of hybridisation. The technical complexity of the automotive powertrain is increasing, as are the testing procedures such as real driving emissions (RDE) legislation, and yet the rate at which the emissions legislation is changing demands reductions in the duration of development cycles.

As a showcase of capability MAHLE Powertrain, the engineering services division of the MAHLE, developed the MAHLE Modular Hybrid Powertrain (MMHP). The MMHP has been based around a high-voltage PHEV architecture, with a dedicated hybrid internal combustion engine (DHE) integrated with a dual-mode hybrid electric drive, featuring two electric machines. This webinar will present the key features of the MMHP, including the advanced pre-chamber combustion system and the modular architecture that enables it to be scalable across multiple vehicle applications with a variety of traction motor powers.

MAHLE Powertrain will describe their engineering processes, from selecting appropriate technical solutions based on desired attributes, through their engineering process that enables a running prototype to be achieved in less than 12 months. The use of advanced simulation and analysis tools early in the design process significantly reduces design iterations and results in an optimised solution. Detailed driveline models and real driving simulations enable the powertrain calibration to be developed in a robust manner. The use of hardware in the loop testing provides early confidence that the resulting powertrain will achieve all legislative emissions requirements, including meeting “worst case” real driving emissions testing scenarios.

Register for this webinar to gain insights into the impact of forthcoming legislation on the powertrain requirements. Cost effective and scalable technical solutions for meeting these requirements for 2030, and beyond, will be presented. The MMHP concept will be used as a case study to showcase the advanced simulation, development and calibration capabilities currently employed by MAHLE Powertrain to develop high efficiency propulsion systems for OEMs globally.

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Presented by

Simon Duke,

Chief Engineer, Verification & Analysis

Simon Duke gained a degree in Mechanical Technology from Coventry University in 2005 as part of extended Apprenticeship with Cosworth Technology and later MAHLE Powertrain. In 2006 he pursued design and leadership roles within product development at Cummins Engines within the High Horse Power group, after which, Simon re-joined MAHLE Powertrain in 2012.

Simon is currently the Chief Engineer for the Verification and Analysis group at MAHLE Powertrain Limited, based in Northampton in the UK, and in this role he has been instrumental in developing MAHLE Powertrain's analysis and testing capabilities to ensure that it remains one of the most flexible and agile Engineering Service Provider's specialising in the design and development of advanced internal combustion engines and electrified powertrain systems.

Dave Beecroft,

Head of Sales & Marketing

Dave Beecroft gained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Loughborough University with a sponsorship from Jaguar Cars Ltd. After a period at Jaguar Cars as a vehicle calibration engineer, Dave joined Cosworth Technology in 1998, which later became MAHLE Powertrain in 2005 following acquisition by the MAHLE Group.

Dave is currently the Sales and Marketing Director of MAHLE Powertrain Limited, based in Northampton in the UK, and in this role he has helped guide MAHLE Powertrain to ensure that it remains one of the most flexible and agile Engineering Service Provider's specialising in the design, development and integration of advanced internal combustion engines and electrified powertrain systems.

Key Learning Objectives

  • To understand the full range of MAHLE Powertrain capabilities
  • To understand the challenges of cost effective vehicle hybridisation
  • To understand the benefits of detailed simulation of vehicle performance and emissions
  • To understand the complexities of powertrain development to meet all customer and legislative targets


  • Heads of Product Development
  • Powertrain
  • Propulsions Systems
  • Design
  • Analysis & Simulation
  • Research
  • Development
  • Advanced Engineering
  • Emissions
  • Calibration
  • Combustion
  • Transmissions