In-car entertainment - status quo and future perspective

Sponsored by: Screens GmbH

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Date: 17 June

Days to go: 4

Time: 2PM London / 3PM CET

Mercedes-Benz, Polestar or Tesla?

Thanks to ever better driver assistance systems, modern vehicles are increasingly becoming living spaces on wheels. More than ever, the driver can interact with the infotainment system and be entertained by it. At the latest when charging an electric vehicle, a good entertainment offering would be desirable to bridge the waiting time. Vehicles still differ enormously in terms of what they offer, and this is where the great opportunity for providers of in-car entertainment lies: Because until a certain standard is established, there are unimagined chances to stand out from the competitors. But what do the competitors actually have in store?

In this webinar, Screens' infotainment experts reveal what the status quo of in-car entertainment really is. Using high-definition videos, they draw a detailed comparison between the infotainment systems in the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the Polestar 2 and the Tesla Model Y, and go into detail about third-party and automaker entertainment offerings. Using Screens' unique online infotainment platform, you will feel like you are sitting in the car yourself as the experts present the results of their comparative analysis and, most importantly, what problems they encountered when using the different infotainment systems.

Currently, in-car entertainment consists of a dependency between OEMs and third-party providers. For third-party providers, the car is a touchpoint to the user, and for the car industry, third-party providers are a source for applications. But what if the car manufacturers develop their own applications, and the third-party providers start producing their own vehicles? By the end of the webinar, you will have a clear awareness of the opportunities and challenges and see what is required to lead the in-car entertainment market.

Get exclusive insights into three pioneering infotainment systems and learn about the success factors of in-car entertainment. Use Screens' interactive infotainment platform after the webinar for two weeks and analyse the vehicles discussed in detail for yourself. Book now to attend our live webinar on June 17, 2021 and speak directly with our experts.

Presented by

Sylvester Goettlicher,

Director Sales and Product

Sylvester majored in digital media and has had a passion for digital business models and products ever since. He started his career as a product manager in a software start-up developing a product for secure communication between machines. About four years ago, Sylvester began working at Screens and has since been responsible for the overall product strategy and sales. He is committed to improving our customers' market intelligence in the infotainment sector.

Josina Formann,

Head of Media-Production

Josina studied media management with a focus on innovation and digitalisation. She started at Screens in 2018 as head of media production. Through countless detailed analyses of various infotainment systems and hundreds of hours in vehicles, she has what is probably unique cross-brand and cross-vehicle knowledge. Josina is always up to date with the latest developments regarding infotainment systems and our clients regularly consult her on difficult development decisions.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Status Quo: Thanks to the system integration and cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and the third-party providers Amazon Music, TIDAL and Spotify, users can easily access their music via the Mercedes-Benz S-Class infotainment system. However, the type of integration into the system is decisive.
  • Status Quo: The Infotainment system of the Polestar 2 is based on Android Automotive and, like Android smartphones, has a Google Play Store, which currently offers many radio applications for download. This creates a dependency of the OEMS on the third-party Google.
  • Status Quo: The Tesla Model Y does not only offer access to third-party providers such as Spotify or YouTube, but also establishes its own features such as a Caraoke feature and develops extra game Tesla editions in cooperation with others, such as the classic game Cuphead. In addition, the vehicle merges with the gaming world by even using the steering wheel as a controller in a game.
  • Future Perspective: Screens takes up the status quo as well as analyses problems to check out what the success factors of in-car entertainment will be in the future.


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