Improving vehicle safety using connected vehicle data

Sponsored by: NIRA Dynamics

Focused on:

  • Vehicle Safety
  • Vehicle Data

Date: 23 March


Time: 2PM London / 3PM CET

Building a complete picture of the road surface network, using sensor fusion software and existing sensors on passenger vehicles

The automotive market is changing. More and more vehicle are connected to the cloud, electrical and hybrid vehicles are on the rise and ADAS functions such as Highway Pilots and ACC are becoming standard components in passenger vehicles. In the perfect world, increased autonomy will improve safety for drivers globally.

The problem, everything is not perfect. An autonomous vehicle or ADAS functions could work great in perfect, sunny conditions with smooth asphalt roads. But what happens when there is rain, snow or ice on the roads, and if the roads are cracked or deteriorated or maybe gravel? The answer is, it becomes more challenging.

Also, how can connectivity be used to increase safety for regular drivers that do not use autonomous services? Road surface data can finally be used to warn drivers before a dangerous situation occurs. The first of our services for vehicles built on road data for vehicles is Road Surface Alerts, which will warn drivers when they are approaching a dangerous area. You may have seen similar services, but the coverage and update frequency are the real strengths with this service that is available now.

Do you want to learn more about how we and you can use automotive data and sensor fusion to increase safety in your vehicles, collect data for improving recuperation in electrical vehicles and learn about the ecosystem that we use to collect, aggregate and distribute data to millions of vehicles? Then you should take part in a webinar where we will demonstrate the latest in data collection and usage of road surface data.

Presented by

Lisa Åbom,


Lisa is the CEO at NIRA Dynamics and has a background within research and development from multiple high tech industries. She is now determined to continue the expansion of NIRAs connected products in new markets.

Using connected vehicle data to improve safety within vehicles is very important to Lisa, but maybe even more, understanding how the vehicle data also can affect the society as a whole, both from a safety perspective, as well as an environmental perspective.

Johan Brynås,

Chief Product Owner – Road Surface Information

Johan is the Chief Product Owner for Road Surface Information that loves the creative process of creating real customer value from technology. He thrives on working together with customers to solve the challenges and problems that you face with our expertise, so that you can focus your efforts on what really creates value for your customers.

Connected car data have opened up new opportunities to gain detailed knowledge of what is happening on the roads. Applied right, this will enable us to improve the safety and comfort of people on the roads, and to challenge how things have been done in many businesses during a long time. He truly believes that data will change automotive as we knew it.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How can you utilize vehicle data to increase safety for your customers?
  • How can car manufacturers monetize vehicle data?
  • How can road surface data improve autonomous function sin varying weather conditions?
  • How can electrical vehicles improve safety and recuperation by knowing what the road surface looks like?


  • Car manufacturers
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  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Development Director
  • Technical Leads