How All Automakers Can Achieve Higher Safety Ratings While Lowering Costs

Sponsored by: Vayyar Imaging

Focused on:

  • Converged Technology
  • Automotive Sensor Tech

Date: 13 January


Time: 1PM London/2PM CET

Converged technology like 4D imaging radar helps achieve best-in-class automotive safety

Rising automotive safety standards are driving up complexity and costs. With up to 200 sensors per car, electronics make up over 35% of overall vehicle cost, a percentage expected to increase to 50% by 2030.

But safety and cost-efficiency don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 4D imaging radar by Vayyar delivers high-end safety that meets the demands of both luxury cars and economy models, including 25% of Euro NCAP points required for a 5-star rating from 2023.

It’s all about multifunctionality: fewer sensors per function, a single sensor supporting multiple applications, and a rock-solid platform that enables automakers to develop new safety features after deployments – a streamlined sensor ecosystem that saves more lives as well as hundreds of dollars per vehicle.

Make sure your organization is fully prepared to benefit from the new gold standard in automotive sensor tech.

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Presented by

Ian Podkamien,

Head of Automotive

Ian started his career in 1997, in chip design of wireless technologies, after 7 years of military service in the Israeli Navy. Afterwards, he led the MAC chip-design team at Envara, a startup that was acquired by Intel in 2004. At Intel he led a chip design group and worked as Project and Program Manager in the WiMAX division, leading products and customer engagements. In 2009 he was promoted to Head of Program Office, #2 in the WiMAX division, and later Biz-Dev, where his line of work involved seeking new partnerships, investments and M&A. In 2012 Ian resumed work in startups, as VP R&D at Powermat, a pioneer in wireless-charging, whose solutions were deployed in GM vehicles and more than 2000 Starbucks stores. In 2016 he joined Vayyar as Director of Business Development, focused on the automotive, robotics, safety (industry 4.0) and mobility markets. Ian oversees partnerships with industry leaders in all of these markets and helps integrate Vayyar technology into their products, solutions and services.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Basics and capabilities of 4D imaging radar
  • The unparalleled standard of safety that Vayyar 4D imaging radar sets for vehicles
  • How multifunctionality reduces costs and enhances safety
  • The added value Vayyar’s solutions provide


  • System/Software Engineers
  • Chief ADAS Engineers
  • Procurement Managers/Purchasing Officers
  • In-Car Safety Engineers
  • Driver Experience/Interior Engineers
  • Senior Safety Engineers
  • Senior R&D Engineer
  • System Lead/Architect
  • Lead Engineer
  • Technical Leaders
  • Innovation/Engineering Managers
  • Product Group Directors
  • Vehicle Program Managers
  • Product/Project Managers