Functional Model Based Risk Analysis

Sponsored by: APiS North America, LLC

Focused on:

  • Automotive

Date: 3 August

Days to go: 51

Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Using the APIS® IQ-Software

As a consumer, do you take for granted that what you purchase is as safe and effective as the packaging suggests? Do you understand the activities, analysis, and testing that went into the design and manufacturing of that item? What if it fails in a way that leads to material waste or the worst case, the loss of human life? As engineers, you know what these activities are and where they are captured within your quality and safety documentation (e.g., APQP). The FMEA is typically the most well-known methodology for this documentation. Yet, is this really just a documentation exercise or can it add more value to your organization? A thorough FMEA process CAN ensure that the engineering design, materials, tests, effectiveness, and safety have been understood and verified in their efficacy. In most (maybe all?) of the industries here today, the FMEA is mandated for quality and safety audits and, ultimately, with the hopes that the consumer receive the best of the best of what your team developed, designed, tested, and manufactured. Yet, the confidence in the FMEA can only be as strong as the methodology it is based on.

The 7-step FMEA methodology of the IQ-Software is implemented into the IQ-Software by APIS Informationstechnologien.

This webinar presents a rigorous and efficient, graphical, model-based, approach to developing and maintaining Product and Process FMEAs that will show your teams the way to ensure that failures aren’t forgotten, causes aren’t missed, and they are all properly guarded against with the appropriate analysis and testing. Register to find out how your FMEA Risk Analysis can get to this point: No misses. No gaps. No mistakes. No audit non-compliances. High value-add!

Presented by

Chad M Johnson,

Vice President - APiS North America

Vice President of APiS North America, Chad Johnson joined ANA after nearly 21 years with ZF/TRW Automotive as a Systems Engineer and certified Master Black Belt 6 Sigma/DFSS. Mr. Johnson focused his career in the areas of Systems Engineering and Product Robustness, committing himself to the development of state-of-the-art FMEAs and the processes required to produce them. Through it all, he became an expert in the APiS IQ Software, FMEA methodology, and how to effectively apply and integrate these into globally diverse engineering teams.
Mr. Johnson earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering – Machine Design from GMI Engineering & Management Institute (Kettering University) in Flint, MI. He also holds a Black Belt certification from the QFD Institute and a Master Black Belt certification from ZF/TRW Automotive.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Achieve level of complete confidence that your FMEAs have not missed failure effects, modes, or causes.
  • Maintain product family analysis consistently and ensure common changes are read across automatically.
  • Improve communication across your engineering teams with your FMEA, and engage your existing lessons learned databases/repositories with your FMEA.
  • Understand your product from a functional perspective, not just requirements.


  • Heads of Systems Engineering
  • Managers of Systems Engineering
  • Heads of Manufacturing
  • Managers of Manufacturing
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Heads of Electrical Engineering
  • Heads of Robotics