5 Strategies to Thwart Fraud & meet Evolving KYC Regulations

Sponsored by: Jumio

Focused on:

  • Fraud Prevention

Date: 5 August



Combat fraud & enhance your Know Your Customer processes with new identity verification strategies

With identity theft and account takeover on the rise, it’s increasingly difficult for businesses to trust that someone is who they claim to be online. The digital onboarding journey is in need of a serious shake-up.

While 72% of consumers want an all-digital onboarding experience, they’re clearly not happy with the current state of affairs — 56% of online bank account applications in the UK were abandoned due to a long or complicated enrollment process. There are a number of reasons why consumers don’t complete the onboarding process, and oftentimes it’s because of too much friction during the identity verification part of the process.

In the past there have been historical trade-offs when balancing fraud detection and user conversion. Spend too much time on KYC with undue friction and you’re bound to see a drop in conversions, but an overly simple, friction-free onboarding process makes it too easy for fraudulent customers to infiltrate your ecosystem.

Detecting fraud while also offering a convenient digital onboarding experience to your customers doesn’t have to be an either/or situation.

This webinar will provide you with 5 innovative strategies to combat fraud with identity verification and ensure KYC mandates are met.


Presented by

Claire Galbois-Alcaix,

Senior Director at Jumio

Claire a Senior Director at Jumio, the leading provider of AI-powered identity verification and authentication solutions

Jumio uses the power of informed AI, biometrics, machine learning, and certified liveness detection to help you rapidly convert more customers, stop fraudsters from infiltrating your online ecosystem and get in compliance with KYC/AML.

With an approach that is as simple as taking a selfie, Jumio transforms the necessary, yet often frustrating, process of identity verification into one your customers will actually appreciate.

Claire specialises in international marketing for the Technology industry as has 20+ years experience with global brands including Jumio, EMC, DHL and Deloitte.


Key Learning Objectives

  • Stop and deter fraud for all new account onboarding
  • Ensure you know the true identity of the person on the other end of every transaction
  • Recognise & exclude forged, counterfeit or camouflaged ID documents
  • Dramatically reduce abandonment rates & user frustration


  • Head of Fraud
  • Head of Operations
  • Head of Compliance
  • MLRO
  • Head of Customer Experience
  • Head of Onboarding
  • Head of Customer Onboarding
  • Head of KYC/AML
  • Head of Risk
  • Customer Experience Product Lead
  • Digital Program Lead
  • Head of Digital Transformation
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Head of FinCrime