The importance of subsea pipeline integrity management

Subsea pipeline integrity management

In an industry where subsea assets are maturing and reaching the end of their design lives, good integrity management has never been more important. This webinar discusses the lessons learned and best practices in achieving effective pipeline integrity management.

During the webinar, Jee’s head of integrity management, Grant Adam, will discuss the foundations of integrity, primary risks and mitigation measures and how lifetime extension can maximise profitability of mature assets.

Jee’s expertise

Jee is an independent subsea engineering and training company with offices in Aberdeen, London and Tonbridge. Jee’s multi-disciplined capabilities and integrated services cover the spectrum of subsea engineering for the whole life-of-field for the global oil, gas and renewables industries.

Jee has provided continuous integrity management support to a number of major operators. For many years we have managed the PIMS, TIAs and RBAs for over 200 pipelines, 17 risers and 12 landfalls annually, including subsea structures and pig traps. With a mix of operations and analytical experience, our team provide a pragmatic approach to integrity management and can manage your entire campaign, from the beginning of an asset’s operational life to end-of-life and decommissioning.


If you would like to learn more about subsea pipeline integrity management and Jee’s capbilities, please register for our webinar “Lessons learned in subsea pipeline integrity management” here.


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