Prisym ID: Optimizing the clinical labelling process

Optimizing the clinical labelling process

 by Steve Ellison, VP of Global Clinical Trials at PRISYM ID, a leading provider of regulated content and label management solutions

 The Covid-19 pandemic has put further pressure on clinical trial suppliers to be fleet of foot in getting products dispatched when a new patient is recruited, as studies for vaccines have been set up and run at unprecedented speed.

For PRISYM ID customer, RxSource, which is a Global Clinical Trial Supplies Specialist, it has meant being ready to partner with sponsor companies to get everything set up for a clinical trial within a week, including packaging and labelling.

To adapt to this increasingly demand-led approach, RxSource needed to streamline its supply chain and, by bringing clinical labelling and packaging in-house, it could potentially shave weeks off its schedule.

But taking control of clinical labelling in-house can be a daunting prospect, particularly given the time and complexity that can be involved in validating a system and the legal and reputational repercussions if anything goes wrong.

At such a business-critical time, RxSource needed to be able to hit the ground running with a ‘validation ready’ solution that could be onboarded within weeks, rather than months, as is often the case even for a turnkey system.

RxSource also needed a solution that would help it to mitigate the risks, costs and time associated with producing and translating large booklets for multiple countries by, for example, enabling it to automate processes and negate the need for repeat translations.

In an information-packed webinar our guest speaker, Rhys Evans, Senior Director of CTS and Global Supply, at RxSource, will present a case study on how his team implemented the cloud-based PRISYM 360 clinical trials label management solution rapidly to optimize the company’s demand-led secondary packaging and labelling services.

During the 60-minute session, entitled ‘RxSource Shares Advice on Optimizing Labelling Processes,’ RxSource and PRISYM ID will unite to answer a number of critical questions. These will include how to become ‘validation ready’, and how to ensure labels and booklets are fully compliant, when taking control of the design and printing process in-house.

Listeners will also learn how the ability to build a library of approved language translations and automatically apply regulatory rules and intelligence to label content are playing an important role in enabling RxSource to produce labels, and package and supply medicines in as little as 48 hours.

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